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9 Creative Ways To Recycle Unused Fabric

Mikkie Mills
Working with fabric can be a very rewarding experience in that it allows you to create something of your own design, but it can also result in excess waste. Here are a few ways to use those fabric scraps in a more productive manner.
A Hexagon Tote
Start with an ordinary tote bag. Be sure it doesn't have any markings or emblems. Cut your leftover fleece fabric into hexagons and stitch them onto the tote bag, staggering them to resemble the falling shapes in the Tetris video game. Depending on how much fabric you have, you may be able to decorate large bags or several bags in this fashion.
Leftover fleece fabric
Key Rings
Buy generic key rings at your local craft store and pick up Pellon Peltex one sided iron-on interfacing, as well. The interfacing and fabric can be cut to any shape you choose. Simply overlay the fabric and sew the pieces together. Use twill tape to wrap around the key ring and sew to your fabric to complete the project.
Phone Cases
Excess fabric can also be used to make original phone cases. Folding the fabric around the phone can help you determine the size and shape you'll need. Sew it together and add a loop, made from the same fabric, at the top. You can attach a clip to the loop and make a convenient way to keep the phone case secured to a belt loop or purse strap.
Personalized Pouches
This is good for any size scrap and they can be used for everything from change purses to places to keep art supplies. Fold the fabric over and sew together at three sides. You may want to add a zipper to the top, so it can be opened and closed.
Fabric and Marble Necklaces
This will require longer scraps, though shorter scraps may be used to make matching bracelets. Best of all, there's very little sewing involved. Wrap each marble up in the fabric and secure it in place by tying knots at either side. You may add as many or as few marbles as you like. Once finished, simply sew the ends together.
Flip Flops
Make old flip flops new again by covering them with your old fabric scraps. Just trim the scraps to fit the shape of the flip flop and glue into place. You may want to replace the straps with more scrap material to give it a more attractive look.
Picture Frames
Spruce up picture frames with your excess fabric. This is a great way to reuse large quantities of scrap material and you can create an eclectic design you choose. Simply wrap around the frame and bunch together to create ruffles. Glue each scrap into place.
Cut a piece of shelf liner to fit within the size of your fabric scrap and place it between the fabric and a paper towel. Sew the three pieces together and cover the fabric layer with 2-3 layers of Mod Podge. After it dries, cut the excess material around the border and you're ready to begin using your new fabric mouse pad.
Mouse Pad
Decorate Ordinary Pillows
Cut fabric into small circles and sew them onto a plain white pillowcase. By layering them or folding them over, you can create ruffles or unique patterns. If you don't have enough fabric for both sides of the pillowcase, stagger the fabric to create smaller single designs in the corners of the pillowcase.