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Bird Feeder Crafts for Kids

Mamta Mule
Making crafts is a great way to keep kids occupied productively. Here are a few interesting bird feeder craft ideas that they can try out with your help. Place these in your yard and enjoy watching beautiful birds flock to your garden.
Do your kids love watching birds? Then let them try out some crafts on how to make bird feeders. This will be a great way to spend their free time learning arts and crafts. With these bird feeders, you can attract beautiful birds to your yard, so that your kids have fun watching them. This will also help your kids to be in touch with nature.

Pine Cone Feeder

This includes the use of peanut butter and a pine cone. You will also need a sheet of newspaper and strong string. Place the pine cone on the newspaper, and tie the string to one end of the cone.
Now, coat the entire surface of the pine cone with peanut butter. Put the bird seeds on the newspaper and spread it out. Roll the pine cone on the seeds and let them stick to the surface of the pine. Suspend it from the branch of a tree in your yard, and watch the birds feed on the seeds.

Fruit Cup Feeder

To make this feeder, you will need an orange or a grapefruit, and bird seeds. Cut the fruit in half. Now, carefully scoop the flesh out. Once the inside is empty, you can add the bird seeds to it. The bird feeder is ready to be placed anywhere in your yard or outside a window.

Roasting Pan Feeder

You will need a disposable roasting pan, bird seeds, and strong string. Cut the string into three long pieces of equal length. Punch three holes at an equal distance into the sides of the roasting pan.
Now, insert a piece of string into each hole and tie a knot to secure it. Take the free ends of all three strings and tie them together. Fill the pan with the bird seeds and hang it on a tree branch.

Toilet Roll Feeder

This bird feeder is very easy to make. Take an empty toilet roll and make two holes opposite each other, near the top corner of the roll. Insert a bit of string through one hole, pass it through the second, and tie the two ends together.
Now, ask your kids to coat its outer surface with peanut butter. Place the bird seeds on a sheet of newspaper and roll the coated toilet roll over it, so that the seeds stick to it. Hang it on a tree branch in the backyard.