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Ideas for Creating Chef Hat Patterns

Naomi Sarah
Let's show you here on how to make a chef hat pattern using simple crafts to put together a very believable looking hat, that will come in handy for kid cooking classes...
Kids are budding with creative energy and want to let it out of their system, by channeling that creativity they've got on crafts that will help build upon their skills as well.
When kids are young, this is the best time to bring out their artistic sides, and encourage them to experiment and play around with colors and different materials when they're at their prime.
So here we'll look specifically into a chef hat pattern that are one those cool things to make when you've got kids participating in a cooking class, wanting to look the part of a chef. This simple kids' craft idea is what we will venture into, with easy and helpful steps on how to make a chef hat for kids.

Personalized Chef Hat for Kids

To get started on how to make a chef hat, kids will have to bring with them easy craft materials, that you can either supply, or tell them to bring the next day with the help of a compiled list that parents can look through and accordingly buy.
There are different kinds of chef hats, but here we will start off with one that is long, and has pleats running along the chef hat surface. The kid's chef hat craft materials mentioned here are easy to get, and if you're dealing with toddlers, make sure you supervise them as they work.

What You'll Need:

  • Strong glue
  • 2 stiff chart paper (white)
  • Scissors
  • Miniature food pictures

How to Begin:

1. To start out with the chef hat pattern, you need to first measure the crown of the child's head, and then cut out a 3 inch strip of paper, which will act as the base of the chef hat that will support the above part of the pattern atop the child's head.
2. Once the measurement is made, glue the two vertical ends of the strip together making it a round rimmed base that will later be affixed to the rest of the hat.
3. To start off with the top, take the chart paper using the same measurements of the brim, so that it fits perfectly atop the ring you've just glued together. Stick together the ends, so that you have a round cylindrical structure in front of you.
4. Using another chart paper, start pleating it by folding the paper and pinching it on either end in a one inch wide pleat, followed by a little space right after the pleat, where the next one begins again (follow this pattern till you reach your first pleat, all the way around the hat).
5. Keep doing this until you have enough of pleats to stick onto the cylindrical portion of the hat (cut out any extra chart paper, measuring it accordingly before sticking it onto the hat).
6. Once you're done pleating the paper, take the glue and cover the whole high cylindrical top with an even layer of it, and then affix your pleated paper atop this. Make sure it is evenly glued down so that the pleats stand out in a manner that is uniform along the surface area of the cylindrical hat.
7. Once that is done, you can then ask the kids to glue around only the brim portion, different food cutouts of whichever is their favorite munchies or junk food.
Kids these days love certain foods they'll constantly demand for; you could tell them to get these favorite cutouts the next day, or have them print it out from online. They can randomly stick these on only around the brim portion of the completed chef hat.
The given chef hat pattern idea, as you can see, is a pretty simple ensemble that doesn't require much effort. To make arts and crafts sessions a little interesting, you could have kids bring in white berets, and use this as a fluffy top to affix onto a handmade brimmed bottom to make the other kind of fluffy chef hat that is also spotted among some chefs.
You can mix and match different ideas and come up with unique finished hats, that are easy to make and fun to use.