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Cool Ideas to Make Duct Tape Bracelets

Payal Kanjwani
Here we highlight America's favorite silver fix-it all, duct tape. We tell you how to make colorful and patterned bracelets with duct tape in simple steps.

Quick Tip!

To decide how long your bracelet needs to be, measure around your wrist and then add 3 inches.
Welcome to the new crafting era of duct tape! Yeah, you read that right, duct tape. A quick fixer for home improvement stuff, duct tape has suddenly become a trendy tool that's popping up a hell lot of craft projects.
The tape is available in a variety of colors and patterns―from animal-prints to tie-dye!―and these can be used to make bracelets, rings, redesign, and refurbish wallets and backpacks. Kids absolutely adore doing and wearing this fancy stuff.
Today, we give you some easiest ways to make duct tape bracelets and bands; of course there are 'n' number of ways to do it. You just have to put on your creative hat!

The Cardboard Way!

Duct tapes (preferably colored), Scissors, Cardboard tube or kitchen roll, Patterned color papers (optional)
1. Keep the supplies ready with you.
2. Take a cardboard tube or a kitchen roll.
3. Get the patterned duct tape, and wrap it around the cardboard tube. If you're making more than one bracelet, you can use different tapes, pasting them half an inch away from each other.
4. Now, snip through the roll to separate the bracelets. If you see any loose edges of tape, just trim them up.
5. Slice the tube length-wise just so it could open up, to be worn on the wrist.
6. You can use the regular silver tape to lock the edges of the bracelet. Or simply tuck them using the jewelry glue.
7.  So, with these easy steps your Duct tape Bracelet is ready!
✦ In case you don't get patterned duct tapes, follow the steps below:
1. Get patterned color papers, or simply make basic patterns using sketch pens on a drawing paper.
2. Take a regular duct tape and place a piece of colored paper on it.
3. The rest of the procedure remains the same.

The Chevron Way!

3 colors of Tape (minimum), Velcro Bands, Jewelry Glue, Scissors
1. Keep the supplies ready with you.
2. Pull off a piece of duct tape as required by your wrist size. Fold it over onto itself so that the sticky side of the tape is no longer exposed.
3. Now using 2 different colors of tape, stick the chevron patches on to the strip you just prepared, using jewelry glue.
4. On both the ends of the strip, glue velcro balls or squares as desired.
Ta-da!Your chevron bracelet is ready! Isn't this fun?

The Common Way - The Braided Bracelet!

1. All you have to do is take 3 colors of tape, slightly longer than your wrist length.
2. Fold each of them into half, so that the sticky part of the tape goes inside.
3. Slice a piece of duct tape, about 6 mm long.
4. Tape one end of all three strips of duct tape. Now, begin braiding the three tapes together.
5. Once you are done with the braiding, fix the other end too with a piece of tape.
And there you have it! The braided duct tape cuff band or bracelet is done! This style is very popularly seen in friendship bands.
Of course, you can also personalize the duct tape bracelet by decorating it. Use stickers, glitters, designs cut from duct tape, those from crafting papers, or anything else you like. These fancy bracelets would make great gifts!
Duct Tape Can Be Fun. Choose from a broad variety of vivid colors or wild prints. Be Creative! Do tell us if you have you made anything with duct tape lately?