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Cool Things to Make Out of Duct Tape

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
You are sure to be left amazed with the number of things that you can make using sticky duct tape. Here's our collection of the coolest things to be made using a duct tape. All you need is a little ingenuity.
Duct tape is used as a quick fix to mend almost everything under the sun.
Although, Duct tape was invented to seal ammunition cases against moisture, it has far surpassed its primary application. From sealing cracks and chips to repairing dentures to binding book covers, duct tape can fix everything in a jiffy.
This everyday item has become an indispensable part of our lives due to its myriad uses. However, the innovative use of duct tape as a fashion accessory is only a recent phenomenon! Yup, you heard it right! Duct tape is nowadays used to make an array of fashion accessories. Have a look ...
**The images given here are for representational purposes only.

Duct Tape Key Chains

Cut a piece of cardboard in the desired shape and cover it up with duct tape. Using a cutter poke holes into the cardboard for the key ring. Give it finishing touches using strips of different colored duct tape or sew it around the edges to make it look elegant.

Duct Tape Headgear

For a graduation cap: Cover a square piece of cardboard. It should be slightly bigger than your head's size. Cover it entirely with black duct tape. Next, take a strip of paper/cardboard 2" wide. It should fit snugly over the top of your head. Cut it and cover it entirely with duct tape.
Using some duct tape secure the circular frame to the square frame. Attach the tassels in the center and your graduation cap is ready. You can also make hats, caps, and any kind of headgear with duct tape. Ensure that there is no sticky side of the tape on the inside of the headgear, or else, you will end up with your hair being pulled out.

Duct Tape Beach Sandals

To Make a Flip-Flop: Cut the cardboard in the shape of you feet. Cover it up in colored duct tape of your choice. Make the straps by rolling the duct tape and sticking it to the under side of the sandal. Finish it off with another layer of duct tape at the bottom.

Duct Tape Waistbands

To Make a Belt:You can make thin belts or thick belts depending on the style that you wish to flaunt. Depending on the width of the belt that you desire, place the duct tape flat on the ground, sticky side up that is.
Next, place another layer sticky side down on the first layer. Then fold it into two halves lengthwise to get a thick belt, stick them together using another piece of duct tape. Fix the buckle and your trendy belt is ready.

Duct Tape Protective Cases

Place your mobile, e-book, or tab on a plain surface. Keeping the sticky side out, cover the device with duct tape. Remove the device and cover the exposed sticky layer with another layer of duct tape with the sticky side down.
Cover the joints with extra duct tape so that it doesn't tear. Put in additional features like strings to make a pouch holder or a press button to keep the tab from falling.

Duct Tape Bags and Wallets

To Make a Wallet: Measure a bill and cut the duct tape according to the length you need. Keeping the sticky side out, place it flat on the surface. Overlap it with another layer of the duct tape, and do this till you have a bill sized 10" of duct tape.
Stick another strip of duct tape on these layers with the sticky side down. repeat the process of layering till the entire sticky side is covered. fold it in half to get a holder. Secure the two open sides with more duct tape. Add the card holders, and your wallet is ready.

Duct Tape Party Gear

To Make a Party Horn: Stick the duct tape on another strap of duct tape till you a square piece of colorful duct tape. Roll it into a conical shape and secure with duct tape. Cut the pointy end of the cone and secure the horn in place.
Level out the cone to get a circular base. You can make candy holders in a similar way and use them for movie nights at home. You can also make flower vases that you can use to decorate your home or garden for a party.

Duct Tape Personalized Gifts

To Make a Folder/Book Holder: Cover a rectangular piece of cardboard with duct tape. Do the same to the other piece. Join them with duct tape and your folder is ready.
You can present these custom-made folders to your friends as a take away or even as a birthday gift.
Apart from the things mentioned here, you can also use the duct tape to make a hammock, a quilt, a table cover, and also jewelry. Besides, you can also make costumes for Halloween, a tuxedo and dress for prom, and accessories to go with it. Feel free to try them out and let us know of any unique idea that you come up with. So long then!!!