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Craft Ideas for Girls

Madhura Pandit
Craft is one of the most popular and fun activities meant for people of all age groups. Young girls, especially, love making beautiful decorative objects. Here are some of the easiest and simplest craft ideas meant for young girls.
Among all hobbies, arts and crafts is arguably the most creative one. It is wonderful to create beautiful things out of a simple or even trash. Right from paper, beads, to pine cones, paper mache, you can simply make new objects out of any of these.
Craft is where your creativity is boosted and something useful is created. You can make numerous objects from simple raw material, using different ideas.
Making crafts is one of the most enjoyable activities for a girls' birthday or a pajama party. Now, if you are bored and want something interesting to do, try craft or origami. It is also one of the fascinating things to do on a rainy day. If you love hand-made articles, here are some interesting ideas for you.


Colorful beads are one of the best raw material for crafts as they are available in many colors and patterns, and can be used in many craft projects.
Apart from the usual glass beads, you can try using Perler beads. You will get a manual for using these beads with the pack.
Things Required

• Beads
• String/elastic
• Needle

• You can use different kinds of beads to make an interesting necklace or bracelet.

• You can try alternating between colors, or patterns, or types of beads used.
• If using Perler beads, follow this procedure. Arrange the Perler beads on the base in a preferred shape; i.e., in the shape of a flower, a smiley, or a heart. Put a waxy cover on it and iron it. (you can follow the instructions in the manual).

• You can use this as a pendant for your string necklace or for your bracelet.
• On the other hand, when the beads are still warm, pierce a hole with a needle on the opposite sides. Insert a string or an elastic, and form a loop at the end (the length of the string or the elastic may vary depending on whether you wish to make a bracelet or a necklace). This will give you a beaded necklace.

Decorative Headbands

All you need is a simple headband and some decorative material in order to make this craft. Plain headbands can be easily purchased from stores.
Find beads, bows, ribbons that can be recycled from an old dress, and using your creativity, you can make this decorative headband at home.

Things Required

• Plain headband
• Beads/ribbons/buttons/stones
• Glue

• Take a plain headband, place your desired decorative pieces on it. You can try different pieces and combination before gluing them.

• Before gluing them, make sure they look good, go well with each other, etc.
• Now, glue the desired beads, stones, ribbons, or buttons to make your own decorative headband.

• You can even try different colors and stuff to make these crafts. All you require is creativity.
• On the other hand, using the same material and procedure (just switch headband with plain flip-flops), you can even make your own decorative flip-flops at home.

Picture Frame

Craft sticks and cardboard are also very useful items, as you can make numerous articles using them. The following is a simple craft idea for making a photo frame.
Things Required

• Craft sticks
• Beads/ribbons/buttons/stones
• Photos
• Cardboard
• Glue

• Lay 4 craft sticks horizontally to make the two sides (2 at each sides) and 4 vertically to make the top and the base of the frame.

• Glue them together.
• You can decorate the frame with beads, ribbons, or buttons.

• Now, take a cardboard and paste a photograph or picture on it.

• Lastly, glue this cardboard at the back of the craft stick frame.
• Arrange it such that the cardboard lies at the back, and the decorated craft sticks are on the front.

• Now, here is an easy and inexpensive gift idea for young girls. You can make craft picture frames in this manner, have your friends' pictures glued, and gift them.


Little girls like to carry classy purses like ladies, and what can be better than girls making their own purses. Here is a simple procedure to make a foam purse at home.
Things Required

• 2 Foam sheets
• Construction paper
• Hole Punch
• Scissors

• Take two sheets of foam, place them one above the other

• Cut them in the shape of a semicircle or a square

• Make holes along the side of the semicircle using the hole punch (do not make holes on the top).
• Stitch along the holes. You can even use a lace in place of a plain thread.

• You can also attach a string of ribbon or braided wool, as a strap for the purse.

• Next, make designs of your choice on colorful construction paper. Cut along the design.
• Now, decorate the purse by pasting beads or these designs.

• Remember that this purse is meant only for decorative purposes.
You can use these ideas for making decorative articles to adorn your room, with your own signature touch. You can also take a cue from these ideas, put in more creativity, and make your own craft articles. Good luck!