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Craft Ideas That You Can Sell to Make Money

Stephen Rampur Apr 13, 2020
There are many people who are looking for easy craft ideas to sell, just because they can earn some cash by using their creativity. The following Story consists of craft projects that can be used to make money.
Craft shows are great fun and offer a large number of unique handmade articles. There is creativity and ingenuity on display and what's more, they're being offered for sale in such arts and crafts shows.
Looking at the articles on display, one can easily get an idea about the hard work and creativity of the craftsman in making crafts. If you are thinking about handmade craft ideas, old crafts with a touch of novelty would surely attract interest.

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When it comes to kids' craft ideas, the options are truly many, as children can easily earn some money from making crafts that are in demand.  Nowadays, there are many crafts that have a certain niche in the consumer market.
They range from knitted articles and painted t-shirts to paper crafts and jewelry. Moreover, to make quality crafts, there are many types of easy-to-use pieces of equipment that aid artisans in offering their products for sale.

Some Easy Craft Ideas to Sell

Beads and Necklaces

Beads are available in many different styles, shapes, and patterns, and are made of materials ranging from crystal to paper. You can utilize a fishing line as it is strong and almost invisible to the naked eye. Thread a few patterned necklaces together.
Ensure that you keep the color formats constant so that it appears like the necklaces are designed with effort and not just haphazardly made. Tie the ends of the necklaces to metal fixings and thread the loose ends back into the beads.

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You can use the fishing line and metal posts to make matching earrings with the same set of beads. Ensure that you do not make the earrings very heavy. You can sell these either with a simple handmade beaded jewelry set.

Friendship Wristbands

It is certainly easy to make friendship wristbands. You do not have to pay a huge sum for the basic material needed to make such wristbands. The simplest way to make friendship wristbands attractive is by adding beads to them.
Just make a knot in approximately 18 inches of fancywork ribbon. Utilize as many ribbons and colors as you can for making the wristbands of the size you think wearers would want. Pleach the ribbon until the wristband fits around an average sized hand.
Tie off the other end and then join the ends together and cut the extra ends so that the wristband appears neat. If you want to include beads, ensure that you add them while pleaching the wristband.

Decorated Shells

Seashells are also a good idea when it comes to creativity in making crafts. Mostly, people get attracted to decorative seashells. To use shells in crafts, take small wooden boxes and stick seashells onto them using glue. Stick the shells as close together as you can and then paint or line the interiors of the box using felt. Some other things you can use seashells on, are mirrors and flower vases. Shells redefine the look of mirrors and vases.

Products using Magnets

Magnets have always been one of the most used materials for making crafts. You can use magnets in crafts that are made out of recycled plastic, felt, several wooden products, etc. Try to make a variety of craft designs and products and use magnets on them. Utilize a glue gun to stick the magnet to the design. Despite the fact that magnets have a self-stick back, the gum on these magnets is not so effective as hot glue. You can even make showpieces that people can keep in their showcases.


All you need is old paper, cardboard, colored paper, ribbons, scissors, glue, colored pens, pencil shavings, and glitters for decoration. If you have blank pages from old books or if you have plain paper sheets, they can make for the pages of your book.
Bind them with ribbons by punching holes on their sides. You can use cardboard sheets on two ends for a stronger cover. Tie a fancy knot so that the bound book does not appear crude. Decorate the cover with pencil shavings, colored paper cutouts, and using colored pens and glitters.

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You can write an inspiring message on the cover or put your calligraphy skills to use. And your scrapbook is ready. Call it a poems book, scrapbook or a diary; you have a craft item to sell!

Other Craft Options

A few other craft options include hand-painted or decorated handbags and luggage, and hand-fashioned paper bowls. One of the best options is to make personalized gift baskets and offer them for sale. You may even ask the buyer to request for his requirements, according to which you can offer some good gift products.
These were some easy craft ideas to sell that can make your products do well in crafts shows. However, you can use your creativity and come up with many such ideas, depending on what you can make or what the current demand in the market is. It is better to make and sell crafts that are actually useful for the buyers.