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Stunning Craft Show Display Ideas

Gagan Dhillon
If you've been planning a show with artsy craft work on display, then you'll find these suggestions on craft show display ideas helpful.
Whether it's a school, organization, or self initiative, a crafts show is a great way to attract a crowd that is interested in what you have to display. 
There are two kinds of ways that you can set up a stall, one being for display purposes without monetary intentions, and the other being for sale
If you want to sell what you have to offer, the crafts would have to be worth buying and priced depending on how much work you put into each one, and what materials were used.
There are many ways that you can have your crafts on display, but the best way is when it is organized and well-placed. Let's take a look at some craft show display ideas that you can use for your work.

How to Put Crafts on Display

Whatever crafts you have, it is wise to have a good bunch of them to show potential buyers (if you're looking to make a sale) and a well-rehearsed speech of what they signify, what they're made of, and how durable they are.
Be ready for questions that will put you on the spot, for that is what a smart buyer will do instead of picking something that may cost him/her much more than what may have been a reasonable buy.
From intricate jewelry, paintings, and handmade knickknacks, to complicated works of art including keepsakes, you can display anything that will stir interest among those who chance upon your stall.
This kind of display shows crafts on a wall-space or substitutes like erected partitions. Have the crafts neatly arranged in the open space using nails to hang them up.
It will give customers a good view of what you have to display, by looking at all your work in an easy glance. It's easier to scan the walls because everything is aligned with one's line of vision, and it can be inspected from a distance. You can include the price under each item so that you don't have to constantly repeat yourself with several customers.
Grouping displays gives customers a good view of choosing what they want without getting confused.
It is better to have the same craft displayed in neat clusters, where customers can pick and choose the same craft without having to hunt for crafts, arranged on display haphazardly.
Use things like shelves or a bookcase to arrange your work; even makeshift planks could work. Make sure the display area is spacious, so that crafts can be placed in an organized fashion.
When hanging crafts, it is better to have things like jewelry displayed such, that customers can browse through them easily. Keep a small mirror at shoulder/chest level so that they can try on the pieces.
Suspended lighting will look lovely as well, since this allows the customers to know what they look like in a well lit environment. Things like hand-painted t-shirts can be displayed similarly, where extras can be stored away for those who'd like different sizes or prints.
Crafts shouldn't be treated like ordinary merchandise because a lot of care goes into making them, especially when they're painstakingly made by hand. Be sure to try out organized ideas that will have you putting up a stall that is eye-catching and thoughtfully put together.