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Ideas for Craft Show Displays

Sujata Iyer Feb 11, 2020
A craft booth is only as good as its display. No one will visit a booth that does not look inviting to them. This Story will give you some ideas that you can use to make your craft booth look welcoming.
Alright, so you've booked yourself a booth at the craft show. You have all your material, and you have friends and family members who will help you to set up your booth too. But there's one teeny tiny problem. You're clueless about how you should go about the actual displaying for the whole array of crafts that you have!

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There's purses, jewelry, pottery and other small decorative articles like candles and stained glass items too. How do you arrange them to ensure maximum visibility to the people attending the crafts show? Well, you'll just have to read to find out.


You've made some gorgeous purses and you're wondering how to display them. Here's an idea! If your purses are simple clutches, then you can arrange them in some sort of pattern on a table, like a butterfly or a hexagon.
Cover the table with a fresh and clean, plain white table cloth. This will highlight the vibrant colors of the purses. Alternatively, you can make a portable stand to display your purses by having a hat stand brought in.

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Just hang the purse handles from the hooks! An innovative and easy-to-assemble craft display idea for your handicrafts, isn't it? You can also simply have hooks nailed into the main structure of your booth and simply hang the purses/bags from these hooks.


Now, when it comes to handcrafted jewelry, there's so much more scope for different methods of displaying them. It mainly depends on the type of jewelry that you've made.
For necklaces and chains, you can either hang them from hooks all around your booth or you can have a string of nylon tied diagonally across your booth, with the necklaces hanging from it. For earrings and rings, if you have individual handcrafted jewelry boxes for each, then arrange them in sets.

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If not, then give your entire booth a rustic feeling. Just dump all the rings in a huge, beautifully decorated treasure chest. As for the earrings, keep the pairs in a nice huge see-through glass tray.


You've made pots of all shapes and sizes! Some, you've decorated, and some you've left plain and simple. Your masterpiece is a set of pots that you've designed in ascending sizes. You have other earthenware too that's simply exquisite with their enchanting shapes and colors.
Now all you need to do is use the following fabulous idea to effectively display the pots! Forget the table! Yes, that's right. Instead of the clich├ęd table, use the ground to display your pottery exhibits. If the show is on a lawn of lovely green grass, nothing like it!

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Place the masterpiece right in the middle of your booth, so that it appears to be the center. Place the other pots around the centerpiece, in such a way that they represent the solar system! Every time a pot is sold, replace it with one from storage!

Other Stuff

Sometimes, it's better to have an organized mess rather than a neatly arranged display. The images given above will further prove this point. The display should look cheerfully disorganized, but only to your customers. You should know where exactly you're placing what. That's the whole point of a random display. It doesn't have a specific or central theme, but yet manages to look endearing and charming.
There are many many more ideas that you can explore to ensure that your craft booth looks attractive to visitors. Feel free to share some of your own wonderful and creative ideas with us. We'd love to hear from you!