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Creative Lunch Box Note Ideas

Prasanna Shindikar
Light up the day of the ones you care about with a cute little note in their lunch box. Imagine, you are sitting in the office, famished. You can't wait to hit the cafeteria and binge on some tasty food. When you open your lunch box, you find a cute little message carved out on the fruit saying someone misses you. How would you feel? Amazing, right?

Bon App├ętit!

Instead of gulping down your lunch with soft drinks, fizzy drinks, or any artificially sweetened drink which is high in sugar, you can always opt for water, milk or natural fruit juices, which will keep you healthy and fresh all day.

Creative Caption

Using natural, edible ink markers, think of some creative caption that has a meaning. The food item in the box can be made to seem like something what the caption says.

Written Note

By using an edible ink or a marker, you can always go back to the old-school method of using a post-it note or just writing something with a marker. Make sure that your text is visible on the bag. You can write a creative message and stick it on the lunch box or a brown paper bag.

Magic Note

Cannot find a pen and paper? Do not worry, use a toothpick or a knife, and let your loved one go bananas after reading a lovely note from you.


Bored of writing? Experiencing a writers' block? Fear not, pack your favorite memory instead of putting a note on the lunch box, because, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

Hidden Message

Apply your craft skills and across a hidden message by making fortune cookies or origami using craft paper.


Puzzle up the lunch box by sending clues or hints for a week, and let them scratch their head to solve it. The fun and anticipation is what it's all about.

Creative Cooking

Cook the food in the shape of alphabets, words, or funny characters, and pack it as lunch. Your efforts for doing this will make them love you even more.

Just for Pun!

Use puns creatively in a lunch box and let them have a good laugh. Example: put a sachet of salt and pepper in a zip lock bag, and post a note on it saying, 'you spice up my life'.