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10 Creative Ways to Decorate Flower Pots Without Paint

Shruti Bhat
Want to refurbish boring old flower pots, but don't have paint? That's alright. Here are some awesome ideas that you can try out to decorate flower pots without paint.
Weave the beads onto plastic threads. Stick these strings of beads onto the flower pot. Another way to use beads is by simply applying a generous coat of glue onto the pot and rolling it in the beads; creating a unique and colorful pattern.
Home renovations always leave you with pieces of broken ceramic tiles. Using grout, stick these pieces of tiles onto the terracotta pots. You can also use glass tiles, pebbles, and broken chinaware.
We're often left with a missing earring or broken pieces of jewelry. Why not embellish an old terracotta flower pot with them? Using a hot glue gun, stick your old jewelry onto your pots to give them an antique and mystical look. Similarly, you can use pennies too.
Many may believe that broken mirrors are bad luck. You can turn this 'bad luck' into something creative and beautiful. Using grout, stick pieces of broken mirror onto your flower pots. You can also try putting broken pieces of CDs.
Knead ceramic powder and glue into a dough. Use this dough - like playing clay - to create flowers, designs, and patterns on any old flower pot.
You can use empty pen nibs, pins, etc., to make indentations creating unique patterns. Roll the dough into petals and make large 3D flowers, grapes vines, leaves, etc. If you make the ceramic and glue mixture to a henna consistency, you can even freehand a design on your pots.
Coat a flowering pot with a generous amount of glue, and roll it in colored sand. This will help the sand be coated evenly without leaving any gaps or spots. You can even try using different gradients of colors to give it a unique look.
If you're handy with a crochet needle and yarn, you can crochet interesting sleeves for your flowering pots. Try using puff stitch flower or granny square to make quick sleeves with a floral pattern.
Cut out pictures that you like from old magazines. You might even find decoupage paper in craft stores. Glue these cutouts onto a flower pot, and coat the picture and the pot with glue or decoupage to protect it.
Use grout to fix seashells onto your pots. While the grout is still wet, stick natural sand onto it. This will give the pot a beach-like feel.
Washi tapes are easily available in stores. Glue these colorful tapes onto your flower pots in the pattern of your choice. Once you're happy with the result, secure them with a coat of varnish spray.