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Creative Ways to Repurpose Empty Wine Bottles

Sonia Nair
Enjoy the wine and toss the bottle into the recycle bin. However, you can have more fun with the empty wine bottles by reusing them in different ways.
With some creativity, you can infuse new life into the empty wine bottles that are dumped in the trash. Create something new for decor or for functional purposes, thereby, benefiting both the environment and economy.
There are people who save empty wine bottles because there may be certain special memories associated with them. Some people just plain forget to throw them away, and eventually end up increasing the junk in the basement. Whatever the case, if you have empty wine bottles lying around, put them to good use by employing certain creative ideas and techniques.
Even antique and unique wine bottles can be used for decorative purposes. Those empty bottles can be transformed into something that can be used for decorative or utility purposes. Here are some easy stuff to do with empty wine bottles.

Ready for decor ...

Given above are some images of painted wine bottles that can be used as flower vases, candle holders, or just as showpieces. Soak the bottles in water, and remove the labels as well as the metal collars. Once the bottles are clean and dry, start painting them. You may use spray paint or regular paint. You may go for colors and designs of your choice.
While a single coat of paint may be sufficient in some cases, others may require two to three coats. The bottles can be used as and when the paint dries completely. You may use a wide range of materials, like beads, glitter, threads, plastic or fabric flowers, clothes, etc., for decorating wine bottles.
You may also use painted wine bottles for this purpose. Another option is to fill the bottle with colored sand, small pebbles, or beads. Take a look at the images given below, for some designs and ideas.

Store infused oils

If you are looking for suitable containers for storing flavored oils, then empty wine bottles are perfect.
Use bottles with tight corks or stoppers. After washing and removing the labels and metal collars, sterilize the bottles properly. Once the bottles are drained and dry, fill them with the flavored oil. Add fresh herbs and spices to enhance the look. Seal the bottles with corks or stoppers.

Grow herbs

  • Clean the bottles, and cut them horizontally. The neck piece must be shorter than the bottom piece.
  • The neck piece has to be placed inside (with the broader end up) the bottom part. In that case, it should not touch the base of the bottom part.
  • Cutting glass is a task that should be done carefully. If you are not good at it, seek help from a professional. Make sure to sand down the edges.
  • Once done, keep the cut bottles aside, and take a 2'' x 2'' wire mesh. Make a hole through the center of the mesh, using a knife.
  • Pass a string through the hole, and make a knot on one side so that it stays in place. Now pass the string through the broad end of the neck piece of the bottle so that it comes out through the narrow part.
  • The bottom part has to be partly filled with water, and the neck piece with the dangling string has to be placed inside it. The broader part of the neck piece must face upward.
  • Fill soil or other medium, and plant your herb. While the mesh holds the soil in place, the string absorbs water required by the plant.

Make a bird feeder

Clean and sterilize the bottle, and wrap a copper wire around it.
Make a small loop with the wire, and enter the neck of the bottle through it. Tighten the loop, and gently wrap the wire around the bottle three to four times.
The end of the wire must be shaped like 'S' so that the bottle can be hanged upside down. Fill it with sweet nectar and attach a premade plastic feeder base. You may also go for premade tops with attachments for hanging the feeder. Your bird feeder is ready for use.

As candle holders

The bottom part of wine bottles can be used as holders for candles. This task requires cautiously cutting the wine bottles in half (horizontally).
Sand the edges properly, and use the bottom parts as candle holders. You may also decorate them before use. Even the neck can be used for holding handles. Another method is to remove the base of the wine bottle and place it over the candle. Make sure not to hold the top of the bottle once you place it over the candle, as it may become hot.

For garden hedging

If you are a gardening enthusiast, you can use empty wine bottles as a garden hedge.
All you have to do is to bury the bottles side by side, with their necks down. Only the bottom parts of the bottles are seen. You may go for a single row or double row made of buried bottles. The height of the hedge can be adjusted as per your choice.
This story is for those who are confused about what to do with wine bottles. Mentioned above are only a few ideas for reusing empty wine bottles. You may use them, or apply your imagination to come up with something unique. If the bottles are really extraordinary, you can use them as they are, for decorative purposes.