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Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Wallpaper

Rohan Kadu
Wallpaper adds an aesthetic appeal of decorum to the walls of a room. As the years pass, you may have to bring down the wallpaper, as it may gather stains, dirt, or maybe get torn off at the corners. But there will be chunks of wallpaper which are still clean or in one piece. This can be used for decorative purposes.
During the 1920s, nearly 400 million rolls of wallpaper were sold, resulting in the decade being dubbed the Golden Age of Wallpaper.

Gift Paper

Although it may be a bit thicker, you can use your old wallpaper instead of custom gift-wrapping paper for wrapping any presents that you need to give family and friends.

Decorative Shapes for the Refrigerator

Cut out shapes of stars, butterflies, or anything fancy that comes to your mind from your old wallpaper, and paste them on your refrigerator door. These will look pretty cool.

Background for Book Shelves

Stick wallpaper on the wall inside the shelf that appears behind your neatly stuffed books. Watch how this place looks so much better then.

Bordering Portraits or Artwork

Use wallpaper as a border in photo-frames or even other artwork.

As a Base for Trays

Plaster wallpaper on a tray that is used to carry a tea set or food items. Simple way to make it look so much better.

Decorate the Drawers of Your Dressing Table

Use a double-stick tape to attach the wallpaper on the outside part of the drawers of your dressing table, to give them a real trendy look.

Cover the Ceiling Fan

Instead of leaving a plain look for the ceiling fan, attach some old wallpaper to it. See how this decorative look makes the whole place seem so much prettier.

Covering Closet Doors

Give a festive appearance to your closet doors by cutting out a stylish design of the wallpaper and plastering it onto them.

Covering the Dining Table

Cover the top of your dining table with an old wallpaper. Give this daily-used piece of furniture a nice stylish outlook.