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Creative Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts

Cheryl Mascarenhas
Outgrown your old t-shirt, or simply fed up with the old school style? There are quite a few things you can do with your old tee.
Do you keep old clothes only because you like the fabric and the feel of it? Or do you have some attached emotions to the t-shirt which is why you do not want to let go?  Well, we aren't saying it is bad to keep old clothes stored in your wardrobe, on the contrary we suggest you rake out your creative side and give it a complete new look.
If you do not intend to thrash you tees, we would suggest you donate it to someone who needs it. But there's the issue of sentiments attached to the tee, which is why you have treasured it so long.
Then there could be a few of you who have sneaked into your boyfriend's wardrobe to keep that extra comfortable t-shirt. Well, we completely understand the underlying affection, however, it isn't bad to give it a fresh new appearance.
There are just so many fascinating things that can be made out of old fabric. T-shirts, for that matter, are very versatile, and can be cut, ripped, and transformed to give you a different look altogether. You can even convert your tee's into useful items like rugs, quilts, etc.

Let's have a look at what you can do with your top in a matter of minutes.


Give your tee a whole new look by chopping off the long sleeves and stitching on sequins or lace. A dash of satin can also do the trick here. You can even convert it into a racer back tee.


Cut your tee into a continuous strip of cloth. Roll it into a ball, and begin to knit. You can use multiple tops of various colors to make your poncho as bright and colorful as you please.
Skirt Issues
Your satin tee will make an amazing skirt. Cut off the top portion of the t-shirt and convert the sleeves into a belt. Depending on style, measurements of your waist alter the top. Add buttons and ruffles to fit you well. Attach the belt and your tee-skirt is ready.


Cut shirt into long strips. Wind it securely around a plastic headband and stick it in place with fastener/glue. Make a neat bow and attach it to the side and ultra cool headband is ready to sport. You can make a flower to place on the hairband to make it even more stylish.


Cotton t-shirts make for amazing bandannas. You can convert your plain white tee into a colorful and stylish bandanna. All you need is to dye your tee in your favorite colors and you are ready to take on the summer.

Ruffle Top

Do away with baggy sleeves and convert them into cutesy ruffles that adorn the neckline. Before you do that ensure you cut the neckline to a deep 'v' or a 'u'. Sew the ruffled sleeves back into position around the neckline. You can also braid the sleeves to transform it into an interesting pattern.

Chew Toy

Cut your tee into thin strips. Braid a couple of strips together to form a chew toy. Fabric chew toys make it easier to wash and aren't as hazardous as plastic toys available in the market.
Hoodie for Your Pet
Don't we love dressing up our pets? Your worn out tee is perfect to be converted into a comfortable hoodie for your pet. It can also be used to line their beds or baskets to make them more comfortable.

Padded Hangers

You needn't worry about your delicate laces bearing a tear if you pad your hangers with your old tee. Simply cut and stitch it onto the hanger to keep your clothes from ripping off.
Baby Quilt
Baby quilts are meant to be soft so that they do not harm the skin. You can stitch together a few of your old t-shirts to make a nice baby quilt. This can be covered with satin to give it smooth finish.
Braided t-shirt rugs can adorn the floor of your bedroom, saving you from cold feet as you get up in the morning. You can place them near bathrooms or even as pet mats.
Pillow Covers
This must be your favorite top which is why you have treasured it so long. Convert it into a pillow case so you have it by your head all the time. You can make a laptop case in a similar way.
Kitchen Towels
Convert your old tee into a kitchen towel. You can use it to keep your hands dry or as cover to keep your bread fresh. Line the inner side of the bread basket with your tee.
Cut your tee into thick strips. Fold over once and sew together. Place a strip of buckram and fold over one more time. Sew the ends together and your belt is ready. Add a buckle/bow at one end of the belt and stitch buttons or tape to secure the belt in place.

Rag Dolls

Convert your tee into a rag doll which can be given to your child to play with, or can be kept for show. Same goes for finger muppets.

Gym/Beach bag

Your colorful tee can make an excellent bag. The best part is that you can use fabric paints and give it a whole new look.
You can also make a wallet, door knob covers, oven gloves, etc., with your old t-shirt. How about transforming your boring t-shirt into a chic racer back tee? It will give you a new look. Then you can also make an apron, a duster, and so on and so forth.