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Curly Willow Floral Arrangements

Shashank Nakate
The curly willow floral arrangements are prepared from Chinese willows. These plants are also grown in Australia, Europe and USA. Let us understand more about the decorations made with willows.
The curly willow tree is one of the Chinese willow cultivars, which is native to the northwestern region of China. The botanical name of curly willow is Salix matsudana and is also known as 'Corkscrew Willow', 'Tortuosa', 'Dragon's Claw', 'Globe Willow' or 'Hankow Willow'.
This deciduous tree grows up to the height of 20-25 feet. Leaves of the curly willow tree are 1-2 cm broad and have a length of around 4-10 cm. The plant is mostly used in floral arrangements. However, it can also be used in making bonsai trees.
The curly willows are commonly used as centerpieces in floral arrangements; these are also used in different types of craft projects. Curly willow branches are useful in adding height to the decorations. Although, the dry branches of curly willows are commonly used, those with fresh foliage give fullness to the floral arrangements. The curly willow floral arrangement ideas presented below would help in creating different types of decorations.

Soaking Willow Plants

The curly willow plants are soaked in warm water to make them pliable. After soaking for a few hours, the branches of curly willows become flexible enough for shaping them.
Once the desired shape is given to willows, they should be dried; the shape that is given to them is retained thereafter. Different types of curly willow floral arrangements can be prepared from these branches.

Centerpiece Arrangements

The curly willow floral wedding arrangements are commonly seen in the form of centerpieces for table decorations. Placed in tall vases, these willows present a unique look to any kind of decorations. The orchid flowers with stems can be decorated with the help of curly willow stems.
Instead of the regular bamboo stakes or green nursery dowels, curly willows can be used. The use of curly willows give a beautiful and elegant appearance to the floral arrangements. The willows can be arranged in two ways i.e. by tying them to orchid stems or just placing them around the orchids.

Curly Willow Wreaths

The wreaths made from curly willows look different and one can try out different ways of decorating them. The size of such wreaths could vary however, those with 30-35 inches diameter look proportionate and beautiful. Different types of flowers and even green moss can be added to make them attractive in appearance.

Curly Willow Florists

The different curly willow floral designs and ideas are implemented by the florists selling this wonderful decorative plant. The floral arrangements for weddings mostly include curly willows and therefore, are sold by florists on a large-scale.

Dried Branches

It is the simplest form of curly willow decorations; these dried branches are generally 36-48 inches in length and sold in bunches of 12 stems. The curly shape of willows is preserved through these branches and they are light brown in color.

Floral Arrangements

The floral arrangements of curly willows i.e. their use along with different types of flowers is well-known. One can use various flowers, and lilies are one of them.
The curly willow floral arrangements are a nice way to create wedding decorations. The above article provides information in short about these floral arrangements.