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Ideas for Disney Scrapbook Pages

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Disneyland is every child's dreamland. If you have visited Disneyland, you can capture the adventure with a Disney scrapbook, and ensure a long-lasting remembrance of the fun and happiness.
'The happiest place on earth' will surely give you plenty of happy memories that will last a lifetime. Not only children, even grown-ups enjoy Disney vacations. A scrapbook can be one of the best ways to immortalize your precious memories, and in the following paragraphs, we give you some ideas on making a Disney scrapbook.

Disney Scrapbook Pages

There are a number of fun ideas that help create personalized albums. Many arts and crafts manufactures have created a variety of Disney-themed art materials. You can use 'Reminisce Which Way' paper as your background for the pages.
Glue your photograph on the paper in the center and place stickers or printouts of your child's favorite cartoon character or fairy around it. Use brightly-colored pens or crayons to write the Disney page title explaining the photograph.
You can use any ready-made paper to paste your photographs and create a lively theme. You can use glossy, black paper as the background to stick your photographs and Disney characters. You can choose papers that coincide with the photos.
If you are pasting pictures of Fairyland, then choose papers with a medieval theme, or which have a castle background. In case of the Jungle Cruise, use paper with wild animals, plants, or a safari theme.

Disney Scrapbook Ideas

There are many Disney characters that can be used in making Disney scrapbook pages. Let's take a look at some page layout ideas.

Mouse Theme

Mickey Mouse is the most adorable and popular Disney character who has a mass appeal. You have an array of Mickey Mouse stickers, patterned paper, paper cutouts, etc., to choose from. There are many scrapbook supplies featuring Mickey Mouse and friends that can be used for Disney scrapbook layouts.

Disney Princess

Daughters are no less than princesses for their daddy dearest! So choose a Disney princess and make her some delightful pages. There are so many Disney princesses to choose from―Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Mulan, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Snow White, etc. Choose one that reminds you of your daughter or the one she loves. You can even use all the princesses to decorate your page layouts.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is a secret fantasy in the minds of the young and old. Create a layout idea using Arabian Nights as the central theme. Stick Aladdin, Jasmine, the magic carpet, Abu, Lago, Sultan, and all other characters associated with Disney's Arabian Nights. You can even stick your family photograph in such a way that it creates an imaginative image of sitting on the magical carpet flying over Disneyland.

Winnie the Pooh

This little honey-loving bear can make a cute Disney scrapbook layout. Use the gentle and soft looks of Pooh to adore your pages. You can even add his friends Piglet and Kanga to complete the look. And how can we forget the world's most friendly tiger, 'Tigger' to adorn your scrapbook.

Timon and Pumbaa

Decorate your pages with Timon and Pumbaa having a ball. Paste 'gooie' insects and other crawlies along with these two adorable jungle friends. A Disney scrapbook page is incomplete without Simba. Don't forget to mention the famous Lion King tag line, 'Hakuna Matata', on your pages.
Besides the central characters, use Disney embellishments to decorate your scrapbook pages. When making the scrapbook, keep in mind that it should be as colorful and bright as Disneyland. Use your creative side to stick your photographs in an aesthetic and innovative manner. Enlarge your photos to maximize the expressions of your kids.
Even though a 'picture speaks more than a thousand words' do not forget to mention the experiences of Disneyland to preserve them forever. Write about the meetings with costume characters and the fun and delight experienced by the kids.
Use both candid and posed photographs for highlighting the magical movements of Disney. Try to use every possible artistic method to highlight your magical trip to Disneyland. Implement the above layouts and ideas and you will have a scrapbook your child will cherish all her life.