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How to Make Duct Tape Flip Flops

Tulika Nair
Looking for a weekend project? How about making a pair of duct tape flip flops to laze around in? Here, we give you all the instructions that you will need to create footwear out of tape.
There is something to be said about being different from the rest. If nothing else, it gets you your fifteen minutes of fame or at least a few seconds of gawking. Everyone likes attention and one of the best ways to get the same is to wear something different or in some cases something utterly outrageous.
Flummoxed by the idea of wearing clothes made from duct tape or even slightly unnerved? Well, you could probably ease yourself into the idea by creating flip flops made from duct tape. Not only can they be gorgeous to look at but they are sure to get you your share of desired attention.

Making Flip Flops with Duct Tape

On a weekend when you have nothing to do, indulging in a fun duct tape project may be exactly what you need. If you are someone who loves lounging about in the most comfortable of footwear, then you could probably spend a few hours making a pair of duct tape flip flops.
To make a pair of flip flops from duct tape, all you need are duct tape of a color of your preference, scissors, cardboard to make flip flop templates, and a pen. Once you have everything that you need, follow the simple instructions given here to make a pair of fancy, colorful flip flops from household duct tape.
✤ In order to make duct tape sandals, you first need to have the proper measurements for the same. For this take one of your old flip flops and trace out their outline on a piece of a cardboard. Once you have traced out the same, cut the soles out.
✤ Now start cutting long strips of duct tape and wrap it around the soles that you have cut out. Ensure that there are no air bubbles or folds that are formed while you stick the duct tape. To ensure that the soles are covered properly, overlap the strips of duct tape. Repeat this process with each sole at least three times so that it is thick and durable.
✤ Next place your foot on the sole. Ensure that you place it exactly where you would place it if it was an actual flip flop. Now mark the point at the end of the big toe. This point needs to be between the big toe and the toe next to it.
Also make a mark along the ball of the foot and near the base of your small toe. This markings are essential for the proper placement of the flip flop strap. Repeat this step with the other sole.
✤ Use the pen that you have to punch a hole on each of the markings that you have made so that you can move on to next step of making the straps and attaching them.
Once you have made the holes measure the distance between the hole in the center and the hole on the left side and then from the hole on the left side to the right side and back to the center. Using these measurements cut out two strip of duct tape double the length of the measurements.
✤ Twist the duct tape so that you can create a structure that looks like a narrow rope which is more like a flip flop strap than normal piece of duct tape. Ensure that you do this with both pieces of duct tape.
✤ Now use this rope that you have created to thread it through the hole in the center from under the sole. Tape the end of the rope to the underside of the sole.
Now pull the rope through the hole in the left and then from under the sole pull it out through the hole in the right and then back through the central hole. Tape it well to the underside of the sole. This will create your flip flop strap. Repeat this with the other sole as well.
This is how easy it is to make duct tape flip flops. Once you have attached the straps to the flip flops ensure that you wear it to see whether or not the flip flops fit you comfortably. You can loosen or tighten the straps depending on your comfort.
There is no dearth of design ideas that you can use in order to create a pair of flip flops from duct tape once you are sure of the basic method. Get creative and make gorgeous additions to your footwear wardrobe.