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10 Easy Copper Spray Paint DIY Ideas

CH Mridula
Metallic spray paints are known to give an edgy and vibrant effect when used in graffiti artwork. But they can also be used to decorate the indoors, by putting them on a refurbishment quest and renewing those old materials which are now less in use and lying idle in the attic.
Things Required: Old China bowl (small or big), copper spray
Method: Take an old China bowl lying unused in your closet. Spray the inner side of the bowl and dry it under the sun. You can use the bowl to keep small trinkets, buttons, beads, earrings, and pendants. This would decorate your dresser and keep your things sorted too.
Things Required: Old can or plastic jar (small or big), copper spray paint
Method: Take an old can or plastic jar of the desired size and paint it with copper spray paint. Dry it well and plant small plants in it. Decorate any part of your home, as it gives an elegant look as well as a natural touch to the dwelling.
Things Required: Ceramic/ porcelain vase, low adhesive masking tape, copper spray paint
Method: If you have a plain vase and want to color a portion of it, then cover it with masking tape, leaving the portion to be colored. For a striped vase, you can paint alternate strips, and for designer or sequined, paint the remaining open area.
Things Required: Metal towel holder, copper spray paint
Method: Does your towel holder give you the Monday Blues? Make your bathroom your 'me corner', by giving your towel holder a makeover. Take copper spray paint and paint the holder. You can hang it on the wall or keep it on the floor.
Things Required: Old chandelier, copper spray paint, low adhesive masking tape
Method: Cover the portions of the chandelier which you do not want to paint with a masking tape, and apply even coats of paint over the rest of the area. See how your room garbs a chic Mediterranean look after this refurbishment mission!
Things Required: Plain or designer salt and pepper shakers, copper spray paint
Method: Bored with your salt and pepper shakers? Why not give them a touch of your amazing spray paint art! Paint either the lower portion of the shakers or just the lid. See how peppy your dining table looks now!
Things Required: Hangers, low adhesive masking tape, copper spray paint
Method: Sort your clothes with a fleet of glimmering copper hangers. Take simple hangers and stick masking tape wherever you want to paint certain portions. Paint the rest or whole portion, and decorate your closet with these items.
Things Required: Pen stand, low adhesive masking tape, copper spray paint
Method: Cover the portions of your pen stand if you want the color to be in sections. Paint the rest of the area or the whole area as required, and let this renewed pen stand bring more thoughts and inspirations to you!
Things Required: Pipelines, low adhesive masking tape, copper spray paint
Method: Give a new lease of life to those old pipelines of your home. Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, paint the pipelines and renew their look. Also, you can use the masking tape to cover certain portions if you want the paint to be in patterns.
Things Required: An old necklace, copper spray paint
Method: Apart from gold and silver, copper is also one of the popular choices among accessory lovers. Instead of buying a new necklace, create one for yourself. Pick an old bead jewelry which is no more in use, and paint specific beads and wear it for a get-together or on a date!