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Easy Steps to Make Rainbow Roses at Home

Raksha Kulkarni
Rainbow roses are not grown in nature. These roses have to be made artificially by coloring the petals. Let's learn how to make rainbow roses at home.

Did You Know?

Rainbow roses were invented by a Dutch businessman, Mr. Peter Van de Werken, while exploring his hobby of coloring flowers.
Roses have the magic to energize you and create pleasant vibes around you. Wouldn't it be amazing to see a rose full of colors?
Rainbow roses are those that have many colors. It is made by using the natural tendency of flowers to draw up water from the stem. Here are simple steps to help you create your own favorite-colored roses.

Things You Will Need

White roses with long stems

White roses are chosen because you can easily see other colors on it. Taking a dark-colored rose will not work in this case. Other light-colored roses could be used.
You need long stems because you have to cut almost 6 inches. Preferably, choose the ones with thick stems so that you can easily cut 3 or 4 parts of it.

Tip: 'Vendela' roses are said to be the best because of their ability to absorb colors well!


The colors that you choose should be water-soluble. Also, it shouldn't destroy the flower.

Tip: Food colors are the best that can be used.
● Knife
● Water


Step 1

Get white roses with long stems (almost 8 - 9 inches) so that it is easy for you to cut almost 6 inches.

Step 2

Choose three or four colors. Mix each color in a different glass. Do not choose colors with the same contrast value. E.g: Do not take red and orange.
Take different colors like blue-green-red-gray or blue-yellow-pink-gray. Mix almost 20 - 30 drops completely in the water.

Step 3

Split the end of the stem up to 6 inches, in three or four parts.
This should be done carefully. Take care of your finger while doing so.

Step 4

Dip each of the three/four parts in each glass of the solution. See to it that each part is immersed equally.

Tip: The stem will draw water fast if it is dry before immersing.
Let nature show its miracle! It will take around 24 - 48 hours, depending on how dark you want the color to be.

Step 5

When the petals are colored, take out the rose from the water. You can use an attractive tape to cover the split ends. This will not only join the split ends, but will also enhance the beauty of the rose.
Now you're free to try your own creations with innumerable colors!