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Learn to Make Etched Wine Glasses at Home

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Etched wine glasses make for the most beautiful and customized gifts for your loved ones. Here are two wine glass etching techniques that will enable you to make your own personalized glasses.
Delicate, beautiful wine glasses make the experience of drinking wine even more pleasurable.
What if you could etch intricate design patterns on your wine glasses and gift them to your loved ones? Sounds a great idea, doesn't it? The good news is that, you don't have to shell extra bucks to get the etching done. You can do it yourself and that too at your home.
Moreover, you will be able to create custom etched wine glasses, thereby making your guests or loved ones feel special. Etching wine glasses is pretty simple, however you need to get a few supplies at hand, before you are all set for etching them.

How to Make Your Own Etched Wine Glasses

If you wish to make your own wine glasses through etching, you need to choose a technique that will suit you best. Wine glass etching is done in two ways, using an etching cream and by the method of sandblasting.

Wine Glass Etching Using Cream

This is the simplest technique and creates less mess. All you need is a supply of etching cream, latex gloves, contact paper, stencil, sharp knife or drawing blade and of course, your favorite type of wine glass. Your first job is to clean the wine glass to remove all the stains, marks, dirt, fingerprints etc.
Use a dish soap solution to clean it and then wipe it dry. Again, clean it with a window cleaner, so that the glass is free of any visible, invisible impurities clinging to it. This is an essential step because a dirty glass may lead to uneven etching.
When you are done with cleaning, draw the design directly on the contact paper. Remember, the design should neither be too large or too small. Large design won't fit properly on the glass while, a small, detailed design may lead to muddled etching.
Cut the design out of the paper with a sharp knife to create a stencil. Stick this stencil to the glass and rub it flat, to avoid any gaps or air bubbles. Then wear your gloves and apply the etching cream with a foam brush evenly on the design area.
Usually, it takes around 15 minutes for the etching process to complete. However, the time may vary depending upon your particular brand of cream. Wash the glass under water and peel off the contact paper. Wipe it dry and admire your work!

Wine Glass Etching by Sandblasting

Sandblasting is essentially a process in which abrasive material like sand is applied with pressure, to etch the surface of the glass. The sandblasting machine comprises a nozzle, gun and a compressor. This method is a bit messy and requires a certain amount of skill on your part.
The process of cleaning the glass is same as mentioned. After that, cover your wine glass with 2 layers of contact paper, so that you don't etch unwanted areas of glass. Cut out a stencil and stick it onto the contact paper using a spray glue, so that it won't move during the sandblasting process.
Now using a sharp knife, cut out the design out of the contact paper. Rub it flat to smooth out the edges where you cut the paper. This will prevent the sand from creeping inside the paper and etch unwanted areas. Once you have your design on the glass and rest of the glass covered, you can begin sandblasting using the machine.
While etching by this method, do not forget to wear full sleeves shirt and goggles, as the shards of glass fly everywhere. Also wear a protective mask so that the sand or the glass pieces do not enter your respiratory system.
Etched wine glasses serve as an ideal wedding favors and gifts. If you become skilled at wine glass etching, you may consider it as a business option and start marketing your creations.