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Instructions for Making Fabric Flowers

Saptakee Sengupta
You will come across a wide range of fabric flower patterns from online resources. However, if you know the technique of making them at home, then you can easily create decorative flowers by yourself. Check out the details.
Handcrafted flowers have become an addition to almost every kind of fashion clothing and jewelry. Whether it's a pair of trendy sandal, a cute necklace, a corsage, a neck tie or a simple cotton apparel; when designed with fabric flowers knitted from satin or silk look elegant.
Fabric flowers being so attractive can uplift the beauty of the object to which it has been attached. They are readily available in garment stores and fashion outlets.
However, if you know how to make fabric flowers at home, then you can easily create different designs to match up your choice. You will also come across a wide range of floral patterns online and incorporate those designs in your apparel.

How to Make Fabric Flowers?

Once you know the correct techniques, you will find that making fabric flowers is not at all a difficult task. You can use them as fashion accessories or incorporate in your art and craft works.
You can make chiffon flowers and paste on cards and papers and then use them for decorative purposes. However, stitching methods depend on the type of flowers you want to create and the purpose of use. We have provided the easiest ways to make fabric flowers at home.

Making Flowers From Satin Fabric

  • For sewing a satin rose for your apparel you need- synthetic cloth or chiffon fabric, seed beads, needle, thread and candle.
  • Cut the fabric in the shape of rose petals. Make enough pieces to create a dense cluster. The petals will be almost circular in shape. The petals that will be placed at the center should be smaller than the outer ones.
  • Now hold each petal over the flame of the candle and allow the edges to melt. You will find that the edges have curled and have become stiff. Make sure the fabric doesn't catch fire.
  • Paste/sew the smaller petals closely. This will form the center of the rose. Keep attaching the petals one after another to form a cluster like a rose.
  • Once you have made the flower, you can attach a clip at the base of the flower to secure it on your dress, bands or sandal straps. You can also make a bouquet from different types of fabric flowers and arrange them beautifully in a flower vase.

Making Fabric Flowers on Cards

  • You will require a card stock, chalk, thread, sewing needle, chiffon fabric, glue, and scissors. In this process you have to cut out patterns of different flowers and then glue into the card stocks.
  • First draw the outline of the flower on the chiffon fabric. Sketch the flower with the chalk.
  • Cut the outline with the help of scissors to make the flowers. Your flower pattern will be simple (round/square petal) when you are pasting the fabric on a card stock mold.
  • Now paste the petals on the card mold or sew in with a sharp needle. Crop the uneven corners of the card with a scissor to get the exact shape of the flower. Follow the same technique to add leaves and stem to the flower.
  • Utilize the same process to sew in flowers over fabric garment. This way you can add a traditional touch to your apparel.
These were some ways to make fabric flower patterns. For more designs check online or purchase a book of floral art work, offering designs for button flowers, four petals flowers, large petal flowers, roses, fabric corsages, boutonnières, organza flowers, rosettes. Everyone will cherish the vibrant look with apparel and accessories with handmade flowers.