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Creative Handmade Card Ideas for Men

Charlie S
The best way to say something to the person you value the most, is to say it with a card. And there's no better way to show your love than by saying it with a personalized card. Here we have some handmade card ideas that you can use to impress the most important man in your life.
A greeting card can make your loved ones feel special, and greatly uplift their mood. Besides, sometimes all you need to let someone know how much they mean to you is by presenting a card that says it all.
A handmade card that reflects your true emotions is definitely a better option. It gives you the liberty to experiment with your creativity, which means you can be spoiled for choice. So go ahead and choose your style and make this special man in your life feel extra special.

Simply Crayons

Give a child a piece of paper and a few crayons and you are sure to be amazed with the creativity that flows. Like a child, you too can experiment with crayons.
You can try shading using two or more shades of a color or keep it simple using crayons and felt pens to make the greeting. All you got to do is use a pencil to lightly sketch out the design on a card sheet and then fill it up with vivid colors.

Best Out of Waste

Every time you sharpen your pencil make sure you keep the shavings to make a greeting. You can also use dry flowers, leaves, and shells.
Trace a design onto the card sheet and apply glue to the object you wish to place on the card. Once it is fixed firmly, you can add a dash of color or even sprinkle some glitter to add a shimmer element to the card.
You can even use different shaped card cutouts to make a greeting.

Card Holder

Card holders are actually cards made in the shape of a folder. You have to use thick paper for this as it can be used to store small cards or papers. Create your design on the front side of the paper, and cut it as per the design. You can choose to keep it like a normal card or convert it into a folder.
To make it into a folder, stick the side seams of the card together. Make sure you leave one side open to insert notes or papers. You can stick the top and bottom seams leaving the right seam open to insert pictures/cards/notes). You can even stitch the seams to form a nice envelope style holder.

Paper Filigree

You will be amazed with the power of colored paper. If you do not have enough time to draw and color designs, this idea is sure to keep you engrossed. Create intricate designs using a rolled ribbon of paper. Glue it to the card and an elegant card is ready.

Pop-up Card

You can incorporate just about any idea into this card. An easy way to make the pop-up image is to create the picture on a separate sheet of paper and stick the bottom seam of the picture onto the main card.
The picture will automatically fall parallel to the base of the card. Measure the distance from the upright picture to the upper face of the card. Now take a thin strip of paper and cut it according to this measurement. Stick one end of the strip to the picture and the other end to the top flap of the card.
Once the glue is dry, open the card to reveal the image that pops up. Making pop-up cards is interesting, besides, you'd be creating a wonderful impression on the man you love the most.

Post Card/Note Holder

This idea is inspired from men's wardrobe. Shirt pockets provide a nice storage space for small items and we will give them just that. Draw a shirt pocket shape on a card and then cut out it. Stick it onto the main card thus forming a different layer all by itself. 
The message that you wish to send across can be written on a colored sheet of paper and inserted into the pocket. Make it out of cardboard or a thick paper, and don't forget to make a stand for the card holder. This can be placed on the desk for storing bills and those little bits of paper.

Sweet Memories Holder

Presenting a pictorial card that takes you down memory lane is a good idea indeed. We suggest you to use handmade paper to make this card. 
All you got to do is collect the fond memories you have with the person and create a card which will hold all of them. Simply fold the paper alternatively making equal sections and stick the photographs onto the paper.
Then complete the card by decorating the pictures with elegant borders and designs. Fill in the empty spaces with beautiful words or simply describe why the particular memory is close to your heart.

Creativity at its Best

To make it extra special you can prepare paper/fabric/ribbon flowers and attach them unto the card. 
Making them is easy and doesn't require much effort. To get you started, you need to make a right angled triangle at the center of the ribbon. Once this is done, you will have two strands of ribbon in your hand. Start by folding the strips alternatively over one another.
Once you reach the end of the ribbon, pull one end of the ribbon and you will be left with a pretty rose in your hand. Staple the end so that the ribbon doesn't open up and attach this to your card. You can also make other designs and attach them to your card.
Let your crazy and creative side do the talking with all these ideas. I am sure you are going to set your man's heart aflutter. You can even try out the scroll and burnt edges idea and prepare a nice greeting for your loved one.