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How to Bedazzle Your Cell Phone

Mrunal Belvalkar
Everybody is hooked on to their cell phones nowadays. A cell phone is something very close to us, something very personal. So why not personalize it as well? Glamorize your phone to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Everybody has a cell phone nowadays; and everybody is very deeply attached to it. But the problem with the fact that everybody has a cell phone is - well, everybody has a cell phone. So our phones are going to be much like those of other people.
Everyone who has an iPhone4 has an iPhone4. Everyone who has a Blackberry has a Blackberry. This can be quite depressing for people who always like their belongings to be special and unique! So how do you make your phone stand out? Well, how about decorating your phone?

Steps to Bedazzle Your Cell Phone

Even some of the best cell phones on the market are very plain looking, with almost no graphics or designs. There are many ways in which you can change that. Here are some simple tips, tricks and ideas that will tell you how to bedazzle your phone.

Before You Begin...

... Make sure you have as many of the following things as possible. The list may sound a little bizarre. But once you come to the instructions, you will be taken by surprise! Ready? Here we go!
  • Nail Polish
  • Nail Art Pen
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Blow Pipe (look into a dissection box)
  • Toothbrush
  • Radium Stickers
  • Tweezers
  • Sparkle Glue
  • Diamonds! (of course, fake ones... Swarovski diamonds work the best!)
  • Shells
  • Super Glue
Basically, just go MAD and bring or arrange for all possible decorative things you can imagine. Old or broken jewelry can be a source of many of the things!

Tips to Accessorize Your Phone

With Nail Paint

It is easiest to decorate your phone with nail paint. Now, the battery cover or back panel of almost any type of cell phone is usually plain. Even if it is colored, it is still monochrome, and monochrome spells 'b-o-r-i-n-g'.
So what could be a better place to begin from? Begin by revamping the back panel of your phone. Now make sure you take the cover off the phone before you begin decorating it.
You do not want any nail polish or nail polish remover entering inside your phone. Better be safe than sorry! There are several themes and ideas you can choose from to decorate the battery cover.
Abstract Design - just throw some drops of nail paint on the cover, and run the toothbrush over it, so that an abstract, striated pattern is created. You can get the same effect with a blow pipe too.
Splashed Liquid - for this effect, simply place one BIG drop of nail paint on the cover, and blow with a blow pipe to spread the nail paint. Blow in a way so as to create a splash effect. You can even blow in only one direction to create an effect like paint dropped onto your phone and ran down it.
Graffiti - This is probably the funkiest way to doll up your phone! You can have your initials, your favorite comic strip, or something you are closely associated to depicted on your phone (like a boombox, if you are a music lover). First draw the sketch on paper, then copy it on the cover.
To decorate the front side of your phone, it would be best to use a nail art pen rather than a nail polish brush - it will give you the right amount of precision. One idea could be to draw a frame of dots around the outline of the phone and each of the keys. Another idea could be to draw an elaborate frame around the screen. Just go creative.

With Gems

This is a sure shot way to add *BLING* to your phone! Diamonds - especially Swarovski diamonds - look really pretty on a cell phone. But they can be quite an expensive option. You can even go for plastic gems. They work just as well, and they come in a lot of colors too. Again, begin with the battery cover. Take it off the phone and start decorating it.
Animal Print - you can create a zebra stripe pattern, or a leopard dot pattern, or a dalmatian pattern using various gems. Animal print are the latest fashion trend, so why not embellish your phone to match it?
Theme Based - if you like the sea, you can depict the ocean floor on your phone. Use pearls and shells along with gems. If you like butterflies, maybe you can create a butterfly valley on your phone! Butterflies will also allow you to use gem stone of many different colors.
Personalized Phone - how about simply creating a gems pattern of your initials on your phone? Choose a decorative and interesting font though. Maybe you can cover the entire panel with diamonds of one color, and have your initials made with a different color.
Pasting gems onto your phone can get quite messy, if you do not know how to handle the glue. Also super glue on your fingers is not a situation you want to be in. So for the small-sized gems, you can use a toothpick to apply the glue. For the big ones, use a cotton bud wrapped in cling film.

Some General Pointers

Do not hesitate to mix and match the styles. If you use nail paint, it does not mean you should not use gems. You can even use nail paint, gems AND something else - like pearls, shells, radium stickers, regular stickers, temporary tattoos, etc.
Also if your phone has the provision, then make sure to hang one of those cute phone accessories onto your phone as well. You can pick up an accessory to match the style in which you have decorated your phone.
You can even make your own phone accessory from old jewelry and key-chains. Hang bells or ghungroos from a string, and you have your own unique tinkling phone accessory.
So now you have an idea about how to decorate your phone. One final tip I can give you is to decorate the phone cover as well. After all, a phone cover is what is visible when your phone is in the cover!
Also, if you can, then practice decorating an old phone or a toy phone before you revamp your own phone. If anything goes wrong, at least it will not be with your pricey and priceless phone! That's all. Cheers!