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How to Make an Artificial Palm Tree

Sonu S
Longing for a palm tree in your backyard? I'll tell you how to make one on your own.
The scenic beauty of the beaches have always enchanted us. It is almost impossible to imagine a beach without a palm tree. Palm trees always give a soothing and relaxing effect. Just imagine yourself on a beach lying on a hammock between two palm trees. Feels great right?
To make your backyard barbecue more appealing, or just to a add a zing to your beach party, you can always add a few palm trees around. Everyone cannot afford to have a real palm tree in their backyard. They are difficult to maintain too.
In such a situation, making an artificial palm tree would be a great idea. You might have noticed artificial palm trees in several plays and movies. They are actually not too difficult to make.
These are a few things that you will need before starting:
  • a cardboard tube
  • styrofoam
  • green craft papers
  • scissors
  • coat hangers
  • pliers
  • glue
  • a pot
  • drill machine
  • sticky tape

Steps to Make a Fake Palm Tree

1. Take the pot. Examine it for any holes at the bottom. If you find any holes, cover it up using some paper.
2. Take the cardboard tube and place it in the pot. Now stuff the pot with styrofoam. Make sure that the cardboard tube is fixed properly in the pot. The styrofoam forms the base which prevents the cardboard tube from moving. You can also use sand or concrete for the same purpose. The cardboard tube acts as the trunk of the palm tree.
3. Once the cardboard tube is fixed, you can start making the fronds. Straighten the coat hanger with the help of the pliers. You should buy the craft paper with a length that is two inches short of the length of the straightened coat hanger, and its width should be half the length of the straightened coat hanger.
Once you have the craft paper with the appropriate dimensions, you should roll the craft paper lengthwise. Mark the center of the roll. Now cut the craft paper from the top. Stop when you reach 3 cm before the center. Make such cuts every 2 cm of the roll. Repeat the same procedure for the bottom of the roll.
Now unroll the craft paper and apply glue on the straightened coat hanger, and stick the uncut central portion of the craft paper to it. A frond is now ready. A minimum of 8 such fronds should be made. The remaining part of the straightened coat hanger forms the stem.
4. Now drill holes on the top of the cardboard tube. The number of holes should be equal to the number of fronds. Now insert each of the stems in the appropriate holes and stick them from the interior of the cardboard tube using a sticky tape.
5. Stick few balls of styrofoam on the trunk of the palm tree in an intermittent way. Now paint the cardboard tube along with the styrofoam balls in the shade that you prefer. The styrofoam ball will add texture to the trunk.
6. You can paint a few larger balls of styrofoam dark brown and stick them to the top of your cardboard tube under the fronds. They will appear as coconuts.

7. Your palm tree is now ready.
You can decorate this palm tree by lighting it up. You can also use a bamboo instead of the cardboard tube. An artificial palm tree is easy to maintain. It needs no watering. You can easily move it to any preferred location. Go on, make one. Do try out different textures and variations to make your palm tree look as realistic as you want it to be.