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How to Make Beaded Lanyards

Rutuja Jathar
Beaded lanyards are a trendy way to enhance the boldness of your getup. So, let's learn how to make this accessory using do-it-yourself techniques.
Lanyards are made of nylon, polyester, or beads. While nylon and polyester leave us with no option to coordinate colors, the beaded ones are the best bet. Make sure you choose beads whose color matches that of your outfit.
Beaded jewelry never really goes out of fashion. Beads contribute in making a style statement with grace and poise. Beaded lanyards are one of the most popular fashion accessories of modern times.
However, not many are familiar with the actual structure and use of lanyards though. They are used as a personalized form of jewelry to wear identification tags, cards, whistles, badges, keys, and other such important but smaller objects.
Carrying important objects on a fashionable outfit for the sake of not losing them can be boring at times. Generally, the lanyards are worn around the neck, wrist, arm, or the waistline.
This boredom innovated the idea of making the lanyards more decorative and accessible. With the passing of time, lanyards have become a major fashion trend among today's younger generation. They are also a nice gift item to present to your loved ones.
Beaded lanyards are available in the market in inexpensive metal forms and beaded chains. Their price depends on the quality of wire and the type of beads used. They are quite delicate to handle.
There are numerous types of beaded lanyards. Some of the most popular patterns include metallic lanyards, eyeglass necklaces, jeweled lanyards, creative lanyards (with plastic or shining crystals), etc.
To begin with, you can select the beads of your choice from the nearest craft shop, based on the size and color combination that you prefer. Let's try making some beautiful, personalized, handcrafted beaded lanyards.

Beads, Knots, or Laces: Make a Choice


A thin, elastic, and flexible plastic lace, mostly famous by the name boondoggle, craft lace, lanyard, gimp, or tiger tail is a good option.


There is a huge array of beads available in the craft market, a few of which are crystals, faux pearls, gemstones, clear, colored, and frosted glass bead lanyards, beads with alphabets, beads glowing in the dark, and many more.

Tip: Choose the best bead that suits your outfit and dress code (if any)!


Before creating any lanyard or any piece of such accessory, the most important thing is to learn how to stitch it and what type of knots are to be used! It is a must if you are new to craft!

Tip: The crown knot or the round knot is the most suggested knot for lanyards.

Making Beaded Lanyards

Materials Required

  • Beading wire (tiger tail)
  • Crimp beads with crimp bead wires
  • Magnetic clasp or Velcro
  • Lanyard hook
  • Key ring
  • Needle nose pliers or beading pliers
  • Assortment of beads


1. Cut two equal pieces of a beading wire. Pass both the wires halfway through the ring.
2. Pull the two ends of the first wire and secure a knot such that the key ring lies in between the knot. Repeat this procedure for the second wire as well.
3. On tying the knot, pass a crimp bead over it (on both the wires). This will secure the knot at the key ring.
4. Ideate for a pattern that you would like to create with the assorted beads that you have. Start the beading by passing the beads through each lanyard wire (one at a time). Make sure you follow the same sequence and symmetry for the other wire as well.
5. Once the beading is complete, add a crimp bead to each of the wires and tie both the ends together.
6. Tie the velcro or a magnetic clasp to strengthen this knot. To the key ring, connect the lanyard hook. This plays a major role in holding the desired object firmly.
Note: The plier can be used to tighten the knots or trim off the wire as required. You can also use various pendants instead of the key ring. You can keep it plain too, without using any hangings. It also looks classy and great on the upper arm.
Beaded jewelry is an evergreen fashion accessory. Handmade lanyards are a great fashion statement that you can make in a small budget. You can make many such pieces to match your outfits. Every lanyard can also be decorated with a personalized message added to it!
You can make a key holder, identity card holder, or any type of popular beaded lanyards. Gift and teach your friends this simple method to make them look stylish. We are sure they will love to try some!