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How to Make Cute Feather Hair Accessories

Mrunal Belvalkar
Feather hair accessories are the latest fashion rage - and why shouldn't they be, when they look oh-so-pretty? Learn, how to make different kinds of feather hair accessories at home.
A woman's hair is one of her biggest beauty assets, one of her most prized possession, and she will go to no ends to take care of it and make it look as pretty as she can! Also one of the surest ways to embellish hair is to use hair accessories.
Hair accessories may make your hair look prettier, or they may help you secure a hairstyle in place.
Either ways, hair accessories are quite essential for women. Among different hair accessories, feather hair accessories are the latest rage. But go to buy one from a store, and you will notice they cost a fortune! Here are simple ways you can try, to make your own feather hair accessories from simple, basic starting material.

Shopping List

Here is a list of things you will need to make your own feather hair accessories at home. Do you have them all?
  • Plastic Hair Bands
  • Comb Clips
  • Snap Clips
  • Hair Clutcher
  • Thick cloth (felt works fab)
  • Beads, Pearls and Stones
  • Fabric Glue
  • Hemp and Wire
  • and of course...Feathers
When you go to collect the these things, pick them in specific colors if you plan to make a hair accessory for a particular dress. If you do not have any particular dress in mind, get the mentioned things in all kinds of assorted colors. Ready? Here we go!

DIY Feather Hair Accessories

There are very easy ways to make your own accessories using feather. All you need are different colored feathers, and a creative mind.

Hair Bands

Hair bands are the most easy-to-make hair accessories, and also prettiest of them all. To make a feather hair band, first select a spot on the hair band where you would like to add feathers.
Usually, it is best to select a spot on the hair band that will come on your head when you wear it. Cut out two small circles on the felt cloth. Use fabric glue to paste them from the inside and the outer side of the hair band at the spot you have selected.
Now you have created a base on which to stick the feathers. While making a feather hair band, it is best to make a circular design. Use fabric glue to paste the feathers together and make a pattern. You can then stitch the final pattern onto the felt cloth.
It is best to use small feather while working a pattern on a hair band. It will help you create a flat design. If it is a floral design, you can use hemp to make anthers of the flower. You could also stick small beads or pearls at the tips. TA-DA! You feather hair band is ready!
How About This? - Try to make a flat rather than a 3D pattern. Hair - if you leave them open - may get entangled in the pattern and the pattern may fall apart. This is especially a helpful tip if you have curly hair. Your hair may get horribly tangled in a 3D design!

Comb Clip

Comb clips look exceptionally pretty and royal. Combine them with a few feathers and you have a vibrant hair accessory! It is best to work up a vertical spreading pattern on a comb clip. A pattern resembling a Japanese fan would sit well on long flowing hair.
Both of these patterns, the vertical spreading pattern and the Japanese fan-shaped pattern, will look nice if you plan to wear the comb clip at the back of your head. Peacock feathers look the prettiest for such patterns. Comb clips look pretty on the sides of the head too, especially if you are going to wear an up-do hairstyle.
In this case, you can opt for an asymmetric pattern. You will have to heavily rely on fabric glue in case of a comb clip. A felt cloth base, like the one you created for the feather hair band, would not work with a comb clip.
This is because most comb clips are made of metal, and cloth does not stick well on metal. But feather comb clips still last, because you usually wear them in such a way that your hair does not get in the way.
How About This? - Use stones at the base of the design. You can line the spine of the comb clip with stones. You can play around with stone shapes, sizes and colors to create an interesting pattern.

Snap Clips

Snap clips are very easy to manipulate while accessorizing them with feather. They are small, manageable and thin. You can work up a flowing long pattern to use with a snap slip.
This works best if you are going to use snap clips to secure the crown of your hair at the back of your head. That way the long pattern will fall with the length of your hair and will sway elegantly as you move your head. Make use of hemp to sew feathers together.
You can then tie the hemp onto the snap clip. You can also include a string of beads and tie that to the snap clip too. It will add a little bit of sparkle to your hair clip. If you want to wear the clip on a classy dress, it would be a good idea to include a string of pearls instead of beads.
How About This? - If you are going to use snap clips to simply secure a hairstyle, then make a small feather pattern - like flowers, or a small bow. Simplicity is beauty too!

Hair Clutcher

It is quite difficult to put feathers on a vertical hair clutcher - it would look rather odd! However, feather can definitely be used to jazz up a plain boring horizontal hair clutcher.
The dynamics of making a horizontal feather hair clutcher are pretty much similar to that of a comb clip with respect to the shape and orientation of the pattern.
However, hair clutchers give you the chance to build a strong secure base on which to pin your design up. You can cover the upper arm of the clutcher (the one that is visible when you wear a hair clutcher) with felt cloth. It will give you enough room to work up a circular pattern.
You can very easily work a 3D pattern with a hair clutcher and use it to secure all your hair together in a bun. Use wire to make 3D patterns.
How About This? - Use a simple hair clutcher to make your own feather hair clutcher. If you buy a fancy one, try to work up a feather pattern that will complement the already existing design.

Some Common Tips

It would be a good idea to first work out your design on paper. Take a look at the different patterns available. A good way to get ideas could also be to look at fashion magazines. While making the accessory, make sure to use a good quality quick-dry glue that will hold the feathers neatly in place and prevent them from falling apart.
Think 'mix-n-match' - use all kinds of stuff, do not stick to only feathers. If you plan on making a monochrome feather hair accessory, try using different shades of the color. If you plan to use two main colors, you can try using feathers of one color and beads or stones of the other color.
If you want to make a feather hear accessory for a plain colored dress, try to make a multi-colored feather hair accessory. Opt for vibrant bright colored feathers - they will contrast and complement your dress beautifully.
Finally - think fairy, think fantasy, think feather! It is really quite simple to make gorgeous hair accessories at home and save yourself from spending a fortune on the ones you get in stores. At the end of it, you get creative satisfaction like you would get out of doing nothing else.
What's more, yours will be an absolutely unique and customized feather hair accessory, unlike none other; how cool is that! All you need is an imaginative mind, and all the right tools! Go ahead, create a masterpiece!