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How to Make Fabric Covered Push Pins

Puja Lalwani
Making fabric covered push pins is extremely simple. Follow the instructions given here and become a pro at creating these tiny and vibrant wonders.
Those of you who enjoy crafts and creating them are definitely going to love this simple tutorial on making fabric covered push pins.
It is probably the easiest thing to do, and allows you to be highly creative by putting all those waste pieces of fabric you may have lying around (from old dresses, curtains, bed sheets, and the like) to good use.
What could be more personalized than these? Not only are they perfect to give your pin up board and your study a dash of color, they can be great gifts for someone who loves and will appreciate these little things. What do you think? Great idea isn't it?


The basic material needed to make some gorgeous fabric covered push pins include a specific button cover kit along with scraps of fabric of your choice. You will also need regular (flat) thumbtacks, a pair of pliers, scissors, and hot glue. Once you have these things at hand, here's what you have to do.
✪ Start by first clearly reading the instructions on the button cover kit. You will be given a template using which you can cut out the fabric you want for the buttons. The size of this fabric will be slightly larger than that of the button so that it can be covered neatly.
If you are using printed fabric, cut out portions that will suit the buttons. For instance, if you have fabric with very small shapes on them such as flowers or stars, cut the fabric neatly around the flower so that it is pasted right at the center of the push pin.
✪ Take a button and use a pair of pliers to pull out the hook from its back. Do this with each button. The top portion of the button will form the base of the fabric.
✪ Follow the instructions on the back of the button cover kit, and neatly place the piece of fabric you have cut (with the front side facing downward) within the template. You may have to use a pencil or an ear bud to push the fabric into the template.
✪ Now put the button top on the fabric. Fold the fabric around the button while it is still in the template, and fix in the top of the button hook that you removed from the button initially so that the fabric is tucked in neatly.
✪ Put a drop of hot glue in the center of the base of the button, and place the flat push pin on it so that it sticks well. Allow it to dry.

✪ Remove the push pin from the template, and your decorative push pins are ready!
How easy was that? With the availability of a simple kit that provides you instructions on going about most of the process, making fabric covered push pins just got much simpler.
You can now make theme based push pins for kids and adults alike, to add some jazz to a dull pin up board, and the room. Imagine a board full of white paper and notes, and how these beautiful, colorful push pins will add the much need vibrancy and color to this board!
When you master the art of making these, you can also start selling sets of a fixed number of these push pins to valued customers at a reasonable rate, apart from giving them off as gifts. They are sure to sell like hot cakes, just for the beauty in simplicity that they offer. Good luck making these!