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How to Make Flower Hair Clips

Rimlee Bhuyan
Accessories complement an outfit and make you look polished and put together. Hair accessories like hair clips and jeweled combs are also great for adding a bit of flair to your hairstyle. Although many hair accessories are found in the market, making your own is a very satisfying hobby.
Hair accessories make the simplest of hairstyles look attractive. But unfortunately the ones we get in stores are generic and you can find every second woman sporting them. The designer hair accessories for women are so exorbitantly priced that not everyone can purchase them.
So the next best thing to do is to make your very own hair clips and barrettes. Floral hair accessories are all the rage this season and they look very attractive when pinned on hair. There are many materials that you can use for making floral hair accessories like hair bands and hair clips.
One of the simplest hair accessories that you can make at home is flower hair clips. You can use materials like lace, fabric, satin and grosgrain ribbons for making exquisite hair clips. Here we are going to discuss all about making flower hair clips using different materials.

How to Make Flower Hair Clips Out of Fabric

Sometimes using the simplest material for making a DIY project can give you the best result. Given here are step by step instructions on making flower hair clips using fabric.
Things required
  • 1 yard silk fabric (in a color of your choice)
  • Strong glue
  • Small faux pearls
  • 1 snap clip
  • Card paper
  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • ½ inch piece of felt
  • Pair of sharp scissors

♠ To make the flower hair clip, first mark a 2 inch diameter, 1 ½ inch diameter and 1 inch diameter circle on the card paper. Now cut around these circles and keep them aside.

♠ Now place these circular templates on the silk fabric and mark them with a pencil. Cut out the fabric and keep aside.
♠  Now take the largest of the circular piece of fabric that you have just cut and divide the circle into six equal parts. Mark this with a pencil.

♠ Next with a sharp pair of scissors, cut into the markings making sure that you cut only two-thirds from the edge of the circle.
♠ Light a small candle and carefully hold the edge of the circular piece of fabric to the flame of the candle. Since the fabric is made of silk, the edges of the circle will wrinkle up and this will form the petals of the flowers.

♠ If the wrinkling is not uniform do not worry as this gives the flower a more natural look.
♠ Now repeat the entire process with the 1 ½ inch and 1 inch diameter circular silk fabric.

♠ Next assemble all the circular fabrics one over the other, starting from the largest to the smallest. 

♠ Make sure that the petals are aligned in such a way that it looks natural and attractive.
♠ Sew each layer of the fabric together with the help of a thread and glue some pearl at the center of the silk flower.

♠ Attach a small piece of felt to the back of the flower and then attach the felt to the front surface of the snap clip.

♠ Allow the glue to dry. Your beautiful floral hair clip is ready to be worn.

How to Make Flower Hair Clips with Ribbons

If you are short on patience and want a quick DIY hair accessory, then this flower hair clip made with ribbons fits the bill. Given here are the instructions for making it.
Things required
  • 1 yard satin ribbon (in a color of your choice)
  • Strong fabric glue
  • 1 bobby pin
  • Needle
  • Thread

♦ For making this flower hair clip, first you need to iron the satin ribbon so that it is crease-free. Next fold the ribbon in half and crease it.

♦ Place the ribbon in front of you on the work table and fold the right side of the ribbon towards you in a triangular shape.

♦ Place the left side of the ribbon to the right side over the triangular shape.

♦ Place the ribbon which is towards you upwards and the ribbon on the right side towards the left. Continue braiding the ribbon in this way until you come to the end of the ribbon.

♦ Now gently pull one of the edges of the ribbon towards you. This will create a beautiful rose.
♦ Sew the bottom of the rose and cut off the excess ribbon.

♦ Glue the satin rose on the bobby pin and allow it to dry completely.

♦ Your satin flower hair clip is ready. You can make more roses with satin ribbons and glue it on to the bobby pin.

How to Make Floral Hair Clips with Feathers

Things required
  • 1 small metallic hair barrette
  • Strong fabric glue
  • 2 small feathers
  • 1 small felt rose

For this hair clip, apply a bit of fabric glue on the top side of the metallic barrette and press down the felt rose into the glue. You can purchase felt roses of any color from any hobby center or craft store. Attach the 2 feathers on the underside of the rose and allow it to dry. Once the barrette is dry, your feathered floral hair clip is ready.
These handmade floral hair clips will be one of a kind. You can also experiment with different materials for making flower hair clips and come up with unique looks. Making your own hair accessories is a very satisfying hobby and you can even gift them to your family and friends.