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How to Make Ritzy Ribbon Flip Flops

Mamta Mule
Flips flops are the all time 'in vogue' footwear. The unique thing about them is that you can decorate them further in different colors and patterns. This makes them a favorite of every woman. Provided here are steps on how to make ribbon flip flops.
Buying a pair of footwear and then adding a personal touch to enhance its looks is a great idea. Nothing better than a pair of flip flops to try this. These are among the most basic types of footwear. They are made of rubber, and have a flat sole and two straps attached to a thong forming a 'Y' shape.
They are especially adored by those who enjoy being barefoot as they keep most of the foot open. They are named so because of the flip-flop-flip-flop sound that they make as you walk. This reasonably available footwear can be easily decorated with ribbons and laces to form a pretty looking pair of personalized flip flops.
Previously, these were worn inside the house or on the beaches, but these days, you can see people flaunting them at malls and restaurants too. Here are the steps to make your own pair of trendy, personalized ribbon flip-flops.
Things Needed: Flip flops, 5 yard ribbon (Satin or silk ribbon. You can have white, polka dot or gaudy colors like fluorescent green or yellow), Craft scissors, Glue.
You can have a unicolored or multicolored ribbon flip flop. If you want it to match a particular outfit or if you like it simple, then just go for a single color.
Step 1: Take a 5 yard ribbon of your favorite color and cut it into two equal pieces of 2.5 yards each.
Step 2: Start wrapping this ribbon from the rear end of the strap. Apply glue to the starting point of the ribbon and then to the inner side of the strap as you proceed to wrap the ribbon towards the center.
Step 3: Entwine the ribbon tightly around the straps.

Step 4: Make sure that there are no spaces in between which will expose the strap. For this, slightly overlap the ribbon each time you wrap it further.
Step 5: As you reach the thong, turn the ribbon downwards and wrap the thong. Again start wrapping upwards and continue with the next strap. When you reach the rear end of this strap, cut the extra ribbon. Make sure you stick the end properly.

Decorating with Ribbons of Different Colors

Step 1: Take ribbons of three different colors.

Step 2: Cut each ribbon into 3-inch strands.
Step 3: Keep the cut ribbons in two piles. Make sure that each pile is evenly-divided and the ribbons are placed in the same order of colors.
Step 4: Take each individual 3-inch strand and tie it onto the strap. While you start tying the ribbon at one end, make sure you alternate the ribbon colors and work your way to the other side. This will form a beautiful pattern on the straps.
Step 5: Once you have used all the ribbons for the pair, see that all the ribbon knots are evenly distributed on the straps and don't forget to tie them tightly. Cut the excess ribbon.
You can further decorate them by tying ribbon bows at the center, where the two straps meet. You can also wrap the part of the sole which is visible sideways, with a narrow ribbon. Stick this around with the help of glue.
However, remember to use a proper colored ribbon. It depends on you, whether to keep it simple or jazz it up with the bows. Get ready to explore your creativity and imagination, and own those affordable and attractive ribbon flip flops.