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How to Make Things Out of Paper

Aastha Dogra
Paper craft means making things out of paper. Different types of creative items can be made out of paper, certainly for innovative gifts. Add a bit of color and sparkle to your idea. Try with old newspapers before you begin with quality paper. This will create a rough prototype before you create the final craft design.

Best Out of Waste

You can always try to make it a point to save leftover cardboard, colored papers from magazines, labels, stickers, paints, and invitation cards. Most of these materials can be used in making crafts at home.
A simple example can be using embossed flowers from an invitation card and pasting it over a scrapbook cover.
Craft is a art that involves making use of paper as the primary material for creating three-dimensional things out of it.
This activity mainly involves cutting/folding the paper into desired shapes and then gluing it together in order to make structures or models. This art leads to the paper being folded, cut, shaped, pasted, or stitched.
Quilling, decoupage, and origami are a few well-known forms of craft that are incorporated as a part of the academic curriculum at schools. For those parents looking for ways to make your child spend his time constructively, craft is certainly a great option.


Construction paper is used in making drawings or cutting out different shapes. Bookmark is one useful thing that can be made out of this type of paper.

Procedure To Make Bookmark

Things you will need

•Construction sheets
•Pair of scissors
•Colored pens

1. Take a construction paper that is colored (preferably red).
2. Cut this paper into a rectangle of the size 8 × 2 inches.
3. Pierce a small-sized hole at the top of this rectangle.
4. Pass a thread through this hole.
5. Secure a knot at the top by pulling both the ends of the thread together
6. Consider decorating the bookmark with colors, stickers, or by sticking small shapes cut out of craft paper (square, triangle, circle, etc). You can also make use of a stencil to emboss letters or your name on the bookmark.


✦The shape of the construction paper (for the bookmark) can vary depending on your choice.
✦In absence of construction paper, use scrapbook paper. Make sure that the paper you use has substantial thickness.


Number of things made from paper seem to be limited, but there is a wide variety available. Swank jewelry is one such paper necklace or a waist band.

Procedure To Make Paper Jewelry

Things you need

•Colored papers (golden or silver)
•Pair of scissors
•Golden-colored thread
•Glitter/Shimmer powder
•Craft punch (circular shape)

1. Cut 4 - 5 circles (golden) of about 4 cm in diameter.
2. Spread a thin layer of glue over the golden circles and sprinkle glitter over it.
3. Punch 4 - 5 circles (of the same size) from the silver-colored papers.
4. Stick these small-sized shapes over the bigger golden circles using glue.
5. Apply glue at the center of all five silver-colored circles.
6. Stick the beads for a jewel effect.
7. Stick all the ready circles onto a thread in a sequence.

✦Beads can be replaced by glazed stickers too.
✦Make sure the glue dries well at the end of each step to avoid the paper from getting soggy.


Preteens and teenagers like to make an interesting craft work. It is best suited to the age group of young kids and can sometimes be given as personalized gifts too.

Procedure To Make Scrapbook

Things You Will Need

•Scrapbook paper
•Pair of scissors
•Colored paper
•Colored pens
•Rope (thin)
•Plastic sheet (thin)

1. Cut the cardboard into two rectangles of 30 × 20 inches.
2. Wrap the cardboard with colored paper.
3. Cut around 20 - 30 rectangles from scrapbook papers into sizes of 28 × 18 inches.
4. Bind the cardboard cutouts and the cut (equally sized) scrapbook papers together by punching holes through them on the left edge, and tying them with a thin rope.
5. Stick this binding inside the cardboard cover.
6. Use stencil to embed text on the cover of the book.
7. The pages can be divided into sections for arrangement of pictures, text, etc.

✦The scrapbook cover can be chosen as per your choice.
✦Make sure you use colors that do not bleed over time (to retain the memories forever).
✦If the scrapbook contains pictures, insert plastic sheets between the pages to secure it from mold or fungus.