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How to Make a Wrist Corsage

Sujata Iyer
A wrist corsage is one of the most eloquent accessories at a formal or family occasion. This story will help you to design and make your own corsages, so that you don't have to spend a bomb buying them.
What goes best with a shimmering gown, a pristine wedding dress, a stylish maternity dress, or a floral frock? For the perfect look, you need much more than just a dress! You need to complement it with the appropriate accessories. And one of the all time favorite accessory is the wrist corsage.
It can give you a look of elegance at any formal occasion, like a wedding or ball or even your bridal shower. But you knew that already. What you'll learn in this story will help you alter your accessories budget in such a way that you'll wonder why you didn't think of it earlier. So read ahead on to know how to make your own fancy wrist corsage.

Design Ideas for a Wrist Corsage


The all time classic. Floral corsages are a hit at almost any occasion. They can be a little tricky because sometimes the flowers you want, may not be in season, or won't be available in the color that you want. So you have to think of all this well in advance.
After you've picked your dress, you can pick the flowers that you want to use in your corsage. Pick one that either matches or contrasts your dress perfectly. As a corsage holder, you can use an elastic band of the same color. Take your flowers and cut the stems in varying lengths.
Take a floral tape, which will not damage the flowers, and stick the flowers gently but firmly onto the elastic band. To fasten it further, you can use a wire, bend it and tie it tightly around the stems of the flowers. Sprinkle some water and a little silver dust on the flowers to keep them fresh.


Rush to a store and pick up your favorite color beads-in different sizes and styles. Mix up a couple of colors if you're feeling really adventurous. Now string them altogether using a hard nylon string.
This string should not break easily, but be just hard enough to be bent into different shapes. Now bend the string into any shape that you wish. My personal favorite would be a peacock or a phoenix.! Stick it onto a matching bracelet and your flamboyant prom corsage is ready.


Different types of ribbons can be used to make pretty wrist corsages for weddings. Flower girls with ribbon corsages look adorable at weddings. Here's how you make them. Get the ribbons in the colors that you want. Make patterns like bows or flowers with these ribbons by knotting them.
If you're making flowers, add real leaves while sticking them onto the wristband. In case of bows, use pretty pins to fasten the different loops. You can add a string of pearls to complement the ribbons.