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Ideas for Decorating Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Naomi Sarah
These ideas for decorating wooden jewelry boxes will give you in the end a beautiful jewelry case that you can call a work of art using ingenious ways to turn it from ordinary to spectacular. Let's find out how you can give your plain wooden box the makeover it needs.
Jewelry boxes are an essential item that every girl and woman must own, being a great storage encasing to keep all your jewelry in one place, without misplacing them or having to hunt them down when you're readying yourself to step out of your home.
So now you have a wooden box on your hands that is either A. an ordinary one from a cursory glance or B. a wooden box with engraved work that you still want to see as a colorful possession.
The problem here is that working with light-colored wood is easier when it comes to decorating wooden jewelry boxes, where dark toned wood can still be worked on but not as much as its lighter counterpart. So let's see what you can do to make it look more your own than something you just selected at the store.

Jewelry Box Decoration Ideas

Let's get cracking on some rad ideas that you can try out on your wooden jewelry box that are hassle-free and simple to execute.

Wood Engraving

This is a pretty cool technique for those who have steady hands and a firm grip that would be required to hold the tools needed to perform this.
You'll need two important tools, a lozenge graver which is a slim tool roughly about 5-6 inches long, which will be used to cut through the wood and engrave it in the style you want; the second tool you'll need is a mini mallet that will help you use force to eat through the wood to produce your design.
For the unprofessional, this shouldn't have you biting on your lower lip and wondering, what the hell - just use a sticker based stencil in a design that you like, placing it over the wooden box and then carving out the wood using minimal force to give it enough depth to form the design.
Based on the thickness of the wood, carve out your very own professional-looking engraved work. Neat huh?

Wood Painting

The best kind of paint to work with, using a of course a stencil as a guide to give you a clean finish, is acrylic. It is a breathable liquid and resistant towards mildew, making it durable. It helps protect the wood underneath from rotting away and gives you a long-lasting, trouble-free end product that is a sure pleaser.
Using the stencil to give you a crisp outline on how to paint your wooden box, use dark or bright paint depending on the color of your wooden jewelry box, where like I said, working with a lighter shade of wood is much preferable when it comes to painting at least.

Semi-Precious Stones (Stick-ons)

If you want something more girlish, you can opt for semi-precious stones that are available in any arts and crafts store, where you can glue these onto the wooden jewelry box using super glue and again, using a stencil as a guide so that you can fill in the gaps and really make it look like it was done by someone with skill.

Spray Painting

It's amazing how useful stencils can be, even here! Stick it on nice and securely before you start spray painting the wooden box.
Make sure it dries up nicely before you gently peel away the sticker to admire your finished spray painted artwork. Go crazy with different colors and merge others to bring out interesting blends, it will really turn around your wooden jewelry box while embodying an abstract-esque funky look.
These ideas I'm sure will have you going nuts over different techniques that will give your jewelry box a special appeal. Opt for medium to large jewelry boxes so that you have ample space to work out your creations. The best jewelry box to buy are ordinary ones that come sans engraved work or designs, so that you can use it as a bare canvas for your own works of art.