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Ideas for Homemade Get Well Cards

Rohini Mohan
A get well soon card helps cheer people up and they feel eager to get better. You can add to their happiness by gifting them a handmade card instead of a normal store-bought one.
It feels bad when someone you love and care about falls ill. It's a helpless situation, but we should make them feel better. After all, we all fall ill at some point in time and it feels really nice when someone visits you or sends a get well soon card with flowers. You feel loved and cared especially when you're stuck in the sick room.
While there are many who prefer buying a get well card from the store, there are some who like gifting handmade cards to their loved ones. Of course, store-bought cards are nice as well and do mean a lot.
It is the caring gesture that counts and not from where the gift came from or the cost. However, a self-made card always manages to go the extra mile and touches the heart, by making you feel wanted and special. It really goes out of its way to show that the person gifting you the card really cares about you and wishes you to get well as soon as possible.

Ideas for Homemade Get Well Soon Cards

#1 - Paint Me a Picture

Sketch or paint something nice for the person you care. This is a good idea for kids, as they can use sketch pens or crayons and doodle away to glory. Teens can make something in lines of flowers, landscapes or animals.
Kids can even make cartoon superheroes if it's their classmate who is ill or it's an adult they really get along with and usually always have fun hanging out with. Adults can make more beautiful paintings or sketches which will send across a loving message to the unwell person.

#2 - Humor Me!

You can do things differently and help the patient enjoy some laughs instead. After all, it's quite gloomy to be unwell and stuck in a room. Who wouldn't want to be feeling better and enjoying a well spent day outside among friends? So share some laughter by making a comic card where there are funny characters making fun of the ill person.
You can either use your own dialogs or common secretive jokes or famous dialogs from comedy movies which both of you have always enjoyed watching. This is a good idea for couples to share, as they can still exchange a tad bit of naughtiness, even if one of them is temporarily out of action.

#3 - Card of Poems

A self composed poem will melt even the coldest of hearts. This is one of the oldest as well as the most heartwarming get well soon card ideas of all times. You can express everything you feel for the ill person, through words which were never spoken but you always wished to convey.
Poems is one of the best ways to let the other person know how deeply you feel about them, how much you care about them and how desperately you wish to see them become better.
For terminally ill patients, a get well card may mean a lot more, especially if they know that others have faith and are holding strong. It gives them hope that things can still turn for the better and they can begin to heal and feel better.
For those who are temporarily unwell, a get well card encourages them to know that people are waiting for them to get better and come out and spend time with them.

#4 - Oh! Look Who's That?

You can also make a collage card using images from colorful and trendy magazines, printouts from the Internet and snapshots of the person who is unwell as well as his other friends and family. You can add all the glitter, ribbons and stickers as you wish, if that's how you would like to decorate the card.
Keep it cooler by sticking what is necessary and writing appropriate words of kindness, quotes or even a small letter depending on what all you wish to convey. The photos can be funny or memorable events that you are sure will help the unwell person feel better.

#5 - Don't Worry About a Thing..

Make a card with quotes that motivate the person. Talk about of faith and worship or how prayer helps heal all wounds. Share the strength of human spirit by mentioning incidences where people regained faith as they did not give up and wanted to do more with their lives or simply tell them how much you love them and that you'll always be around to help them.
There are several other things you can do to make your card special. However, that totally depends on the efforts and creativity you put into it. Though, the most important ingredient is love for the person you're making the card for. Hopefully these ideas must have been helpful. So go ahead and gift your card to someone special and make them feel better.