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Instructions to Make a Candelabra

Mukulika Mukherjee
And if you think that would be way too difficult, then you're in for a surprise! Here you'll find simple instructions on how to make a candelabra.
If you're planning a party at your place sometime soon and wondering how you can add a touch of novelty to your home decor, then a candelabra is something you should seriously consider.But how about making one yourself?
A candelabra is a candlestick that has many branches and is designed to hold several candles. A candelabra centerpiece is a great idea for parties and weddings and you can design a candelabra keeping the occasion in mind.
However, candelabras are expensive and more so if you are looking for designer ones. So, if you have a knack of making beautiful artifacts at home, then making a candelabra yourself can be a great idea. Go through the article to know how you can make one.

How to Make a Candelabra

In order to make your own candelabra, you need to arrange for a few things from the local garage sale. Although it is easier to make one by assembling different parts together, you can also make one from scratch. Here we'll have a look at both the ways to make one.

How to Make a Candelabra by Assembling Parts

The easier method is to make one by collecting the different parts of the candelabra from different sources and then joining them together. Where to get the parts from, you may ask. Well, for that you need to do a little bit of hunting around!
Look for old table lamps with a beautiful base or even ones in antique designs, if you prefer. If you have an old chandelier at home, that would do just fine; if you don't, you can look for the same in a yard sale or the local thrift store. These are good places to look for old stuff, as you often get what you want and that too at a good price.
And who knows? The stuff someone regards as useless and sells off, might just be what you are looking for! Even if you don't find what you want, in the very first attempt, don't lose heart. Once you get the right things for your work of art, you'll find that all the effort was worth it.
When you have an exquisite lamp base and a pretty chandelier to go with it, all you'd need is a bottle of epoxy glue and a can of spray paint to make your own candelabra. Use the epoxy glue to stick the chandelier to the base and you're almost done.
For finishing touches, put the spray paint can to use and spray an even coat all over the candelabra, paying special attention to the nooks and corners.
While you're at it, make sure to cover the surrounding area properly to avoid the paint from spreading all around and creating a mess. Your candelabra is ready! You can always enhance its look by decorating it using beads in similar or contrasting colors.

How to Make a Candelabra from Scratch

In order to make one from scratch, you'd need the things listed below.

Materials Required
  • Copper wire
  • Beads
  • Small metal plates
  • Epoxy glue
  • Spray paint
Once you have the material ready with you, just follow a simple procedure.
  • The first step is to form the arms of the candelabra. For this, you need to cut as many pieces from the copper wire as the number of arms. Decide the length of each piece according to the design you want for the arms. Let's consider a candelabra having five arms. 
  • Now, take the pieces of copper wire and bend them to form the arms of the candelabra. One way to do this is to hold the pieces together and apply force from both sides, the top and the bottom. Doing so will result in the wires getting bent to form curves that are symmetric and similar to one another.
  • Take the metal plates and use the epoxy glue to stick one to the tip of each arm.
  • Pull the arms a little apart from one another and bend the upper end of each arm to form a smaller curve, such that each arm forms an 'S'.
  • Now, bend the bottom ends of the wires to form a flat base and stick a metal plate to it.
  • Cut a piece of wire depending on the height of the candelabra. Stick one of its ends to the metal plate attached to the arms of the candelabra and the other end to another metal plate.
  • Allow a few hours for the epoxy glue to dry and then use the spray paint to color your candelabra in a color of your choice.
You can choose to decorate the candelabra with strings of beads to give it an elegant touch. Just use your imagination to come up with spectacular designs for your candelabra. If you know the basic steps, you'll find it easy to make a candelabra centerpiece or even a hanging candelabra.
Thus, you see that making a candelabra is not that difficult after all. Moreover, candelabras make for great gifts too! So, make one today and add a touch of glow to your living room.