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Leather Braiding Instructions

Mamta Mule
There are a number of leather braiding techniques which are used for enhancing the appearance of plain leather. Most of the time these techniques are used to add spice to simple leather items and accessories.
Leather fabric has a unique charm. It is commonly used in making footwear, bags, diaries, bracelets and many other items. Leather is a fabric that is much popular due to the elegant touch that it adds to a piece made using the same. Furniture, clothing, bags and many other leather goods are much adorned by people for their rich look.
Leather is often braided to enhance its appearance while adding it to some accessories like bags, bracelets, belts, etc. Leather braiding techniques are very easy to do. You can try them and decorate a variety of items like household decor, clothing and accessories.
Though the light and dark brown-colored leather is considered to be the best picks, you can also color the leather to further enhance the final piece of braided leather. While you can find several online leather braiding instructions, three-strand braid is the easiest and popular braiding technique.

Three Strand Leather Braiding Technique

Step 1
Pick leather of your choice. Chosen leather must be thin enough so that you can work out the braiding technique in the same, much comfortably. Best to opt for soft leather in single color or have monochromatic braid.
Step 2
Decide the breadth of the leather to be braided. Now, cut the leather according to the chosen breadth to have a wide leather strip. The length should be decided and measured carefully.
Remember that a leather strip of 11 inches in length, will shrink up to 8 inches after braiding. So considering this, keep the strip a few inches longer than the required length.
Step 3
Measure a length of 3 inches from the top side of the leather and mark it. Now, cut this strip leather in between to form 3 straps, leaving top 3 inches uncut. Make sure the three strips so formed are equal in width. The 3 inches of uncut leather at the top will help keep the three strips connected.
Step 4
Now, place this leather strip in front of you in a vertical position. With the help of a pipe clamp, clinch the top part of this leather strap.
Step 5
Hold the outer two strands of leather in your right hand and the middle strand in your left hand.

Step 6
Cross the middle strand below the left one. Now the strand which was previously on the left is in the center.

Step 7
Bring the right strand over the center strand of the leather.
Step 8
Repeat Step 6 and then repeat Step 7.

Step 9
Work your way down the piece of leather following Step 6 and Step 7 respectively.
Step 10
Once you come towards the end, make sure all the leather straps are nicely interlocked. For this, pull the leather straps tightly each time you move them above or below the other one.
This will make the belt look fuller or else there will be holes in between the belt. Hold the ends and knot them together. Checkout, your three strand braided leather is ready!
Three-strand braided leather bracelets are a hot favorite of many youngsters. They go well with any outfit and give a trendy feel to the attire. The aforementioned instructions on braiding leather can also be used in making leather crafts, waist belts and hair belts.
You need to change the dimensions of leather used in each case according to your requirement. Braided leather can be creatively used to enhance the pattern and beauty of your leather goods. So, are you ready to work on this exciting technique?