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Origami Flowers for Kids

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Origami flowers for kids are very popular kids' craft ideas. Many school children enjoy making origami flowers for hours at a stretch. The following story will give you some instructions on making some easy origami flowers..
Origami is an old Japanese art of paper-folding. Today, all over the world, kids and adults indulge in arts and crafts ideas related to origami.
You can make many shapes and figures using the simple art of paper-folding. One of the many popular figures is origami flowers. The origami flower instructions are easy to follow and understand, by young kids. Children spend creative and productive hours learning and following origami flower instructions.

Origami Flower Instructions

There are many origami flower instructions to make a rose, lily, lotus, tulip, sunflower, day lily, etc. The following instructions on origami flowers for kids will help create easy and beautiful flowers out of paper.

Origami Flower Instructions ~ Lily

  • To make an origami lily, you will need a square piece of paper. Fold the paper in half and again fold the half folded paper into half. Make sure you crease the paper well, and then open out.
  • Turn the colored side paper down and fold it diagonally in both directions. Make sure you crease the paper well and then open it out again.
  • Hold the paper in the middle crease line and bring both the center points to the bottom center line. Flatten the paper and you will now have a triangular piece of paper called waterbomb base.
  • The top triangle of the waterbomb base is to be folded into the center and then unfold it. Using the crease line, open out the triangle and flatten it.
  • Carry out the same step on all the four sides of the flaps of waterbomb base and you will end up with a diamond-shaped paper.
  • Once you are done, fold the outside corners into the center line on the uppermost diamond. You will need to crease well then open.
  • Now fold the entire diamond in half and open again.
  • Now using the creases made in the above two steps, lift the bottom pint of the paper on the uppermost layer only and bring it to the top. Simultaneously, bring in both sides of the paper.
  • Repeat the above three steps on remaining four sides.
  • Fold all the triangles, down on all four sides.
  • Rotate the model upside down, such that the open part is now at the top.
  • Fold the outer flaps toward the center and flatten. You should repeat this step for all four sides.
  • You will be able to see the petals formed. Fold the petals down as you open the flower.
  • Your origami lily is complete.

Origami Flower Instructions ~ Lotus

  • To make an origami lotus flower you will need a square piece of paper.
  • You need to fold the sheet diagonally and crease well. Open the paper and fold diagonally on the other side and crease well.
  • Now fold and refold the paper along the vertical and horizontal lines.
  • You should now join all the four corners of the paper into the center.
  • Now again fold a corner to the center. Repeat the same for the other three corners
  • Again fold the 4 corners into the center. Once done, flip it over
  • Now fold the corners again for the last time (phew!)
  • Now pick up the paper and reach behind one corner and pull the flap to the front gently. You should allow the adjacent corners to open, as it won't lead to paper tear. Repeat the same step for other 3 corners.
  • Again reach behind and pull out another corner to the front and repeat the same for the other 3 corners as well.
  • Your origami lotus is ready.
These were some instructions on how to make a few origami flowers. You can try many other origami flower instructions and make different flowers. This is a creative way to highlight kids talent and keep them busy for hours. Begin with these easy origami flowers and watch your kids enjoy themselves.