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Easy Origami Rose Instructions

Palmira S
Origami is an art that can be used for making different things, such as swans, airplanes, flowers, etc. Here, we will see how to make an origami rose.
Origami, a Japanese art of folding paper to make beautiful things, is quite popular. The materials required for making a rose with this method are available in the market, so you do not have to face hassles searching for them. These steps and instructions will help you craft a beautiful rose.

What you Must know Beforehand

The origami instructions mentioned herein are employed to create roses. For that, make sure you assemble all the material before you start the origami. Keep two things in mind:
  • Make it a point to draw the shapes of the petals and the leaves with a pencil instead of a pen, because you can erase it and redraw it if you are not able to draw the desired shape.
  • Try to make use of crepe paper instead of tissue paper as it looks more appealing. Also, crepe paper can be folded and manipulated easily.

Following these easy instructions will definitely make your work simple, thus helping in getting a better outcome.


  • Origami rose will look nice if it is pink, yellow, or red in color. Hence, you can opt for a paper having one of these colors. One side of paper will be colorful, while the other side will be white. The paper should be square-shaped.
  • Now, we start with the actual process of making the rose. The colored side should face upwards.
  • Fold the paper in half in such a way that the colored side goes in while the white side faces outside.
  • Now, turn the paper and draw a line with a black pencil on the crease. Make sure to draw the line on the white side and not the colored one.
  • Now, again fold the upper and lower half in such a way that the paper is divided into four equal squares.
  • Rotate the paper, and repeat the aforementioned two steps on the other side too. You will have total 16 squares now.
  • After that, unfold the paper. Next, both ways, fold the paper diagonally. This will give you four triangles. Unfold the paper again.
  • With a red pencil, draw lines along these diagonal lines. Do not forget to draw it on the white side of the paper.
  • Now, fold the paper in half.
  • The lower part should be folded upwards one-third.
  • Now, unfold the paper and then rotate it through 90°. Again repeat the aforementioned steps, and the lines formed should be marked in green color.
  • From each of the corner, the lines marked in red and black color should be folded upwards, while those marked in green should be folded downwards.
  • The horizontal and vertical parts should be pressed down gently. This will push the center of the paper upwards.
  • Now, the center the part that has come upwards should be pressed from all the four corners. With this, you will get a tiny and flat square.
  • After that, turn the paper in such a way that the colored part faces upwards, towards you.
  • You will have four parts of the paper. Label all these four parts to make your work easier. Now, lift up the last square, i.e., the lower right one and rotate it to 90° in a counter-clockwise manner. Rotate it in such a way that it reaches the left vertical border of the second square. Both the borders should align well.
  • The same procedure mentioned in aforementioned two steps should be followed for all the squares.
  • After you round-up, you will get the basic shape of the flower in your hand.
  • Turn this rose upside down and fold the petals one after the other. After you reach the last petal, tuck it beneath the previous petal.
  • Again turn it upside down and you will have a beautiful rose in your hand. You can attach a stem to it.
Hopefully, the process of making an origami rose must have been helpful to you. Go ahead and try to make one and gift it to your near and dear ones.