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Origami Rose Step by Step

Aparna Jadhav
Origami is a fun style of arts and crafts activity, one such origami formation is the origami rose which takes less than 10 minutes to make and all you have to do is fold it in a specific manner. Though a little tricky, the model needs little practice to master and this can be done by following a certain set of instructions.
Origami is a very well-known Japanese art of folding paper into a variety of items like animals, flowers, plants, and objects. It only involves folding the paper in a way that it doesn't need to be cut or glued. Thus, it is a very creative art which can be taught to kids at home and at school to test their creativity.

Step-by-step Instructions

As mentioned earlier, the origami rose is one of the simplest formations that can be made by following a few tricks and instructions. Since there is no glue and scissors involved in making this, it takes less time and doesn't get messy. And, once the roses are complete, they look neat and lovely pieces of art.

There are many styles used in making the rose, but we will consider only one style.
Use a double-sided origami paper to create a more attractive rose.


First, place the inside part of the paper to face you and make a inward diagonal fold.
In the same step, you need to make another inward diagonal fold on the opposite side so that when you open the paper, there will be a cross on it.


Open the paper and from all corners, make inward folds. At this point, the outside part of the paper will be facing you.


Turn the model in such a way that it resembles the diamond shape. From all the corners, again make inward diagonal folds.


Turn the model straight again and from all corners, make inward diagonal folds.


In this step, you will have to open all four folds outward so that the rose model can start taking shape.


From the inner top layer, open all four folds outward as well to resemble different petals of the flower.


And finally, one more time you will have to open the bottom layer outward.


And voilĂ ! Your origami rose looks gorgeous and is ready.
With these simple instructions, you must have realized how simple it is to make this art. So, take your time to master it and have fun in making many such origami roses.