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Instructions to Make Origami Star

Priya Johnson
The stars prepared from origami look really cute and pretty. They can be used to adorn paper bouquets, decorate children's birthday parties or even decorate a child's bedroom.
Origami, the art of transforming a simple piece of paper into something gorgeous is simply stupendous! Origami is an art loved and respected for its versatility, as people of all ages; right from kids to adults can enjoy this craft with paper.
There are easy origami instructions for kids and at the same time intricately detailed origami patterns as well. With the help of origami we can make flowers, animals, boxes, toys, dragons, etc. from just simple pieces of paper.
By getting a hang of the instructions for an origami star, one can move from making simple origami crafts to more complex ones.

Origami Lucky Star Instructions

These origami mini star instructions are simple to follow and will enable you to make cute stars right away. All you need is one colored strip or ribbon (30 cm long) of paper. 
Begin by making a knot with the strip of paper at one end. Tighten it and flatten it. Tuck the end of the strip sticking out of the knot into the knot and you will now have a pentagon made.
Now wrap the other end of the strip around this pentagon and fold gently as you proceed. Once you use all the remaining part of the strip to wrap the pentagon, you will have a pentagon ready to be transformed into a star. To get the star form press the sides of the pentagon and the star will blow out. The star looks like little popcorn.

Simple Origami Star Instructions for 3D Origami Star

Step 1

Begin by placing your piece of paper on a table or platform with the colored side facing upwards. Taking the top end of the paper, fold the paper horizontally in half. Similarly fold the paper again in half vertically. So now you have the paper divided into four squares by two intersecting lines.

Step 2

Turn the paper, such that the white portion of the paper is facing you. Now fold the paper diagonally by taking the bottom right corner of the paper and allowing it to meet the top left corner. Similarly have the bottom left corner meet the top right corner of the paper. This way you now have the paper divided into eight sections.

Step 3

The folds have to be made firmly, so if they are not firm, once again fold them and press them firmly. For the next step one needs to concentrate slightly, as it can seem slightly confusing.
To make things simpler let's name some points as 1,2,3,4. Let us consider the midpoints of the square paper we are dealing with. Name these midpoints 1,2,3 and 4 beginning from the top edge and moving clockwise.

Step 4

For the next step, consider the midpoints 2,3 and 4. Hold points 2 and 4 and bring them down in such a manner that they touch the point 3. Then flatten them out. You will get some kind of a triangle with some layers.

Step 5

Take one end of the triangle base and fold it to the top. Do the same with the other end. Now unfold them. You will have the crease formed. Similarly, turn the triangle and do the same for this side as well. Here ends the formation of the first module of the modular origami star.

Step 6

Repeat the mentioned 5 steps, 5 more times to have six complete modules for the 3D origami star. Once they are ready, it's time to assemble them to form the star. Slip one module into another and pull the center crease such that the mountain fold emerges. Like a jigsaw puzzle fix all the pieces and you will have your 3D origami star ready.
Origami is an interesting form of craft and if you are really interested, try get some books or CDs that specifically show how to fold the paper with pictures or a video.