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Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon

Tulika Nair
It is messy but it is fun and it can be the perfect antidote to boredom during long summer holidays when you and your kids are at a loss for things to keep yourselves occupied. Read more to know how to create a hot air balloon from paper mache.
What is the first thing that you think of when you hear about hot air balloons? You might have associated them with the classic adventure tale, Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne.
After all a hot air balloon was one of the images that has become synonymous with the story. Of course now we know that the transportation device was never ever used in the story and was a subsequent addition made during the movie adaptation.
Hot air balloon is one of those means of transportation that takes us to realms of adventure and excitement and while we may not necessarily get the chance to ride in one in our lifetime, it is possible to create a miniature version of the same to indulge the kid in all of us. Here we tell you how you can use paper mache to create a hot air balloon.

Making a Hot Air Balloon Using Paper Mache

Paper mache, a craft work form that has been around for several centuries, still continues to be one of the most popular hobbies around the world. Since the basic requirements to create paper mache art work are minimal, the hobby has become all the more popular.
If you want to indulge in paper mache art, you need to learn how to create paper mache glue. There are many different recipes of creating this paste. Other than this paste, you will need the following things to make your hot air balloon.
♦ Balloon
♦ Newspaper
♦ Puncher
♦ Paper cup
♦ Thread or string
♦ Paints
♦ Paper cutter
♦ Scissors

Once you have collected all these things and made a paper mache paste, you are all set to make the hot air balloon. Just follow the simple steps given here.
➻ Firstly take the balloon and blow it up. Next cut strips of newspaper that you will use to cover the balloon.

➻ Before sticking the newspaper strips on the balloon, you will need to dip each of the strips onto the paper mache paste or glue that you have made. For a stable structure, you need to layer the balloon completely at least thrice.
➻ You will need the paper mache to dry to proceed with the remaining of the steps. This will take at least three to four days.

➻ The next step would be to deflate the balloon on the inside. You can do this by just popping the balloon. Ensure that you remove all the pieces of latex inside the structure.
➻ Now you need to create a hole of about three inches diameter at the bottom end of the paper mache structure for the air hole. Also make four holes around the air hole. These tinier holes need to be evenly spaced out. Make a tiny hole at the top of the balloon.
➻ Next you need to hang this paper mache structure from somewhere to be able to paint it properly. To do this, use a strong string and loop and pull it through the top hole. Make a knot and tie it tightly and you can use the loop to hang the balloon.
➻ Now start painting the balloon in different varied colors that you like. You can make it as colorful or as subtle as you would like it to be.

➻ The next step would be to create a basket. For this you can use a paper cup. Cut it to the size that you would like it to be and then punch in four evenly sized and spaced holes around the diameter of the paper cup.
➻ You will now need to paint the paper cup in colors that complement the colors of the hot air balloon.

➻ Attach the basket to the hot air balloon with four pieces of strings that can be painted to match the colors of the balloon and the basket. Thread each of the strings through one hole in the hot air balloon and one in the basket and tie a knot tightly.
Follow these steps to make a hot air balloon from paper mache. You can further accessorize the balloon with embellishments or even place figures inside the balloon. You can also hang it anywhere in your room to create a tiny piece of your fantasy world.