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Paper Napkin Folding Instructions

The humble paper napkins can be presented in a better way if you get to know proper paper napkin folding instructions.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Using cloth napkin for a dinner party might not work out so well when you have many guests and are having a buffet style dinner. Think of the sheer number that you have to launder and iron and afterwards, clean them too. So, the best solutions to this problem is to use paper napkins.
They are inexpensive, disposable, and you don't have the hassle of cleaning and pressing them. But, just because you are using them for your party does not mean that you can't make them look elegant and decorative.
You can purchase the best quality ones of different colors, and then, fold them in different origami designs. Here, we will teach you paper napkin folding instructions and show you how to create beautiful designs with them to match your table decor.

Different Techniques

Paper napkin folding is not tough, and all you need is a fair bit of patience and practice to create beautiful designs. We will start with the most simple techniques, and when you get a little deft with your fingers, you can progress to more complicated folds.

The Pyramid Fold

This is one of the easiest folds to master. Open up the napkin and lay it in front of you. Fold it in half diagonally to form a triangular shape. Orient it in such a way that the tip of the triangle lies away from you. Fold the right edge of the corner to meet the apex of the triangle and the same process on the left side.
This will create a diamond-shaped pattern. Now, turn it over and fold it in half. Turn it over again and keep the open end side towards you. Fold it along the centerline and place it in the form of a pyramid.

The Arum Lily Fold

First, place the napkin in front of you in the shape of a diamond. Now, fold the bottom corner to the top corner to form a triangle. Now, fold the right corner towards the apex of the triangle and do the same on the left side. Now, fold the bottom point upwards stopping 1 inch from the apex point. Fold the top flap downwards.
Fold the second flap downwards in a similar way and tuck under the base fold. Turn it over and tuck the left and right sides into each other. Open up the base to make it stand up on its base.

Bird of Paradise Fold

It is a popular technique. To make it, first, lay out the napkin on a table and fold it in half horizontally. Fold it in half once more by bringing the left edge over the right edge. Now, make a triangular shape by bringing the upper right hand corner to meet the lower left hand corner.
The next step is to fold the left and right edges of the triangle, and then to tuck the two bottom flaps under the napkin. Again fold it in half along the center, and carefully pull out each individual layer out to form the bird of paradise.
When you are throwing a dinner party, table decorations are very important. So, beautiful paper napkins folded in different origami designs are sure to make your table look more attractive. There are many different styles, and with some practice, you can create your own unique design.