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Fascinating Picture Frame Ideas

Avanika Mote
Picture frame ideas can be cute, funny, romantic but above all picture framing is really a great way to capture your sweet memories. Let us take a look at some cool ideas for photo frames.
There is one thing common between your first birthday, your first day at school, your prom night, weddings, parties, Christmas, vacations and Thanksgiving - the sweet memories you share with your loved ones. When these memories are clicked, they need to be framed too.
What could be a better way to decorate your own home than framing your own family pictures? There are many ways in which you can frame these beautiful moments together and relive them. So come, let me frame few picture frame ideas for you!

Cool Picture Frame Ideas

Picture frames can be used as a home décor, or a wall décor and even gifted to your loved ones on special occasions. Cool picture frames will add a cozy touch to your home and a style to those mundane walls.

Collage It!

Collage is a cool way of framing a couple of pictures of a particular occasion in one single frame. You can get a collage made from any photography studio easily.
Usually, people use one wall to display their picture frames and you cannot frame pictures of all Thanksgivings or prom nights on a wall. Collaging makes it possible, as it can fit many pictures in one single frame.
Gather together the pictures of you taken in different occasions and collage them into a frame. Now take a single picture of you and paste it in the middle. That's the best part of collaging which is what makes it a cool picture frame ideal.

Scrap It!

Another cool picture frame idea is to make it using scrap. Empty your waste paper basket and you will come up with loads of things to create your unique frame. For making this frame take a sheet of card paper, a bit bigger than the photo.
Take a print of a cute picture that you want to frame and paste it in the middle. Make sure that the borders of the photo frame are wide enough from all the four sides.Create flowers and other shapes using pencil shavings. Color them according and stick them around the frame.
Then, with a permanent marker pen, scribble thoughts about the picture, your loved ones in the picture, share a joke or simply scribble what you feel about the picture.
To complete the look, you can cover the photo with a sheet of clear plastic, taken from a packaging unit and cut accordingly. This is a great way to cherish old memories along with the thoughts associated with them. Sugar sweet smiles are sure with this one! So go personalize!

The Retro-Way!

One of the coolest picture frame ideas, is doing it in a retro way. This may require a little trouble for the young ones who are reading this - but trust me it's worth the struggle!
With the introduction of CDs, gramophone records have become passé. So what do you do with these old records now? Make them into frames.
Simple! Let me tell you how... Find out an old vinyl record. Choose relatively old pictures like your first birthday, your first vacation, etc. and ask a professional photographer to recreate those in gray shades. This will add clarity to the old pictures.Take prints of each one of the selected pictures and then glue it on the record.
You can then hang it on a wall. For a more defined look, you can spray paint the wall around the record. You can also use more than one records and adorn a part of the wall with them. It adds a retro look to your contemporary walls and is definitely a style statement for all the picture frame ideas!

Unique Picture Frame Ideas

Picture frames can be decorated from the weirdest of materials and in a way, that you probably would not have thought of ever before! I recommend, only daring people, who can take a lot of funk in the house should try these unique picture frame ideas!

The Jigsaw Puzzle

Choose a picture to frame and take prints of it. Then ask a photo jigsaw maker to create a jigsaw puzzle out of the picture you chose.
The pieces of this jigsaw puzzle would be made out of cardboard, on which parts of your picture will be glued. Frame this jigsaw puzzle in a large photo frame that has a magnetic strip, so that the pieces of the puzzle do not fall off. This is one of the rarest picture frame ideas and adds a bit of fun and spice on your wall.

The Egg Shell Frame

Ever made an egg omelet of a picture? Well, this one would be your first time. All you need to do is, save the shells of the eggs and color them as you would do on Easter. Use more than two colors that would compliment your wall color scheme.
Glue these colored shells, in a specific shape (according to your liking) along the corner of the picture to create a frame. This photo frame idea would be a favorite among the teens. It adds funk and is one of those cute picture frame ideas.

The Psychedelic Panorama

Select a couple of pictures that you want to frame. Do not buy any frames, save bottles of wine and champagne instead. Surprised? Well, this time your happy moments are going to get bottled! Now get the selected pictures printed in panoramic views or fish-eye views in hues like pink, blue and green.
Cleave them into these wine and champagne bottles (one in each) and decorate a kitchen counter or your bar counter with these bottled pictures! Who said frames can only be geometrical?
Hope you will find these picture frame ideas different than what you had ever known before. Isn't it wonderful how these sweet memories can be framed superbly with wine bottles, long records and egg shells! Have fun decorating!