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How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

Rutuja Jathar
You can easily make your own plastic bag holder at home. There are various ways of making different patterns for these holders.
A plastic bag holder is of great help for reducing the clutter caused by plastic bags. It can be hung in any convenient place. Bags stored in these holders can be used for various household uses, like lining the garbage box and storing several things which are not in use.
To place your holder in a highly visible part of your house, you would want an attractive pattern. One can do various things to make the holder attractive. For instance, if you know embroidery, then you can decorate your plain holder with a few artistic designs.

Pattern: #1

You might be surprised, but you can actually make a plastic bag holder using an empty gallon milk jug!

♣  Just cut a hole (approximately 2 inches in diameter) on the top of the jug and a bit larger one at the bottom.
♣Take the reusable plastic bags and roll them around your finger, after folding them lengthwise. Now, just drop them inside the empty milk jug.

You can easily get the desired number of bags out from the other side of the jug. If you wish, you can decorate this holder with wrapping paper, ribbons, cartoon stickers, or some fabrics as well.

Pattern: #2

Material Required :

♦ Kitchen towel, 1
♦ Matching thread
♦ ¼ inch ribbon, 1 yard
♦ Elastic, 2 feet
♦ Pins and sewing needles
♦ Sewing machine
♦ Scissors, pencil and ruler
Procedure :
  • Cut one piece of the elastic in such a way, that it measures just a bit more than the half of the width of the towel. You can test to make sure that it stretches along the width of the towel, before cutting. If you find it hard to stretch it, then you may need a lager piece of elastic.
  • Now, lay the towel on a table top in a way so that its outside faces the table. Draw straight lines across one end of the towel. You will have to repeat the same with the other side of the towel as well.
  • Create a point at the center of the elastic that you cut previously. Afterwards, pin the elastic in the towel where you have drawn the line.
  • Ensure ½ inch elastic is left outside the edge of the towel. Pin the marked mid point of the elastic to the middle point of the line, which you have drawn on the towel.
  • Pin the remaining end of the elastic to the other edge of the towel. Make sure that about ½ inch piece of the elastic is left outside the edge of the towel, just like you did previously.
  • Stretch every pinned point of the elastic, baste it to the towel, so that it stays in place while sewing. Use a bright colored thread, to make it clearly visible.
  • Stitch the elastic to the towel, stretch it from the edge and add zigzag stitches from the edge towards the center and complete the rest (to the other edge). Start and finish with backstitching.
  • Now, fold the towel lengthwise, in such a way that both the salvages come together and pin them to keep in place. Stitch one ½ inch line of thread from one end of the towel to the other. Don't forget to backstitch at the beginning as well as at the end.
  • Post sewing, iron the line and turn the insides out, to make the original 'outside' now visible. Cut an 8 inch piece of the ribbon and form its loop, by folding it into half. Tightly stitch the loop at the center.
Your homemade holder is ready. Tie a bow with the rest of the ribbon to decorate the holder. Keep it handy and start storing plastic bags in it.