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Rainy Day Crafts for Kids

Azmin Taraporewala
A rainy day? School canceled? Well, if this is the case, your child might as well indulges in crafts that whets the wet flavor of the verdant sod. Here are some rainy day craft ideas to raise the fun meters to toast.
The rainy season is a symbol of greenery sprinkled around, fun and frolic, making merry, mucky boots, raincoat, colorful canopies and a piping hot cup of chocolate drink. For children, making paper boats and bidding them farewell through water puddles adds meaning to the season.
However, paper boats are not the only craft option that children could choose to make and have fun with.
There are a number of craft ideas that children may love to construct. Moreover, craft activities can be performed indoors.
Thus, there is no need for your children to go out in the rains and have their share of fun when they can have dollops of it indoors. Splashed here are some of the most exciting rainy day activities that can make your child's holiday full of fun and enjoyment.

Reigning Ideas

Luncheon Meet

When the heavens have made up their mind to operosely pour, why not take up a project that would transform a drab-looking lunch box into a fun-loving one! Let loose your imagination, and get the better of it, soon!
Your stationery case is a must-have for this activity to shape up. Permanent marker pens, craft/construction paper, confetti, and the works. Now, this is where your creative gray matter comes into play.
Sketch your favorite cartoon character, draw stick figures, pencil a panoramic scene, or chalk a fine pattern ... just create, and keep those wings of imagination beating.

Cede a Seed of Love

Cards roll out colossal emotions, especially those wedded to words. With a few colorful sheets of construction paper, you would be well on your way to creating a fold of love and gratitude.
First, zero down on a message that you would want the card to vesture. Next, dole out magazines from the store room. Sift through them and snip the alphabets that would aid you in forming the message.
Cut out letters of varied colors and shapes. Variation in font size would only add to the raw aesthetics of the message. Paste the letters on the construction paper to form meaningful words, and subsequently your message. Indeed, a rainy day well thought out!

Go Lacey

Shoe laces have never served as a muse for anybody. Why don't you change the trend? Those doleful laces spiraled through the loops of your sports shoes sure deserve a makeover.
You may do this all by yourself; however, a partner would help you see through the task better. Have your friend hold the lace from one end as you decoupage the lace. Glitter pens, permanent markers, stick on labels, miniature stencil set are a few cherry-picked additives that strike me at the moment!

Coronal Charms

This one is perfect to break the dull drone of a rainy day. Your ever-so-faithful companion -- craft paper -- can play protagonist.
Freehand a few shapes or patterns, color them and glue them equidistantly on to a fancy, ropy thread. If drawing shapes is monotonous, you may well trace clouds, raindrops, a thunderbolt or an umbrella to salute the spirit of rain.

Play with Play Dough

When you have play dough with you on your playroom shelf, you don't have to worry about how to make your rainy day interesting. With play dough you could make a number of little objects.
You could make a snowman, an umbrella, utensils, Halloween pumpkins, polka-dotted dresses ... well, you name it and you can make it! Yes, it's that easy. You may color your creations, letting them stand as it is for a few hours. As far as play dough is concerned, you may either make it all by yourself or have it picked from a nearby store.

Fun Bookmarks

If you are fond of reading, why not make bookmarks! You could make colorful bookmarks by taking construction papers and tracing your favorite cartoon characters, flowers, kittens, cubs ... just about anything.
Cut out the shapes that you have created and place them on a thin, wooden stick. Probably, you may glue the shapes on ice-cream sticks. Let the bookmark roleplay as one, only when the sticks feel bone dry, else the neighboring pages would clump.

Collage Collection

Here is one craft idea that will entertain you through the lackadaisical rainy day, and keep you prepped up to enjoy the lovely weather outdoors. You may collect some of your pictures, cut them out and place them together to make a photo collage. This one would serve to be a handmade gift for your dear friend.
You may also tear out a few pages from an old magazine and snip it further into diminutive pieces. Keep a construction paper ready on which you have outlined a fruit or an animal of your liking. Stick these paper pieces with glue on the insides of the shape drawn.

Thermocol Thunder

Why not get thermocol to have some fun with? You may get a sheet of thermocol and cut out four small circles, one medium-sized, and the other the biggest out of the lot. Stick the medium-sized thermocol circle on the biggest one. Now, stick the two small ones on either side of the biggest circle cut, being close to the medium-sized one.
You could place the other two small circles on the biggest circle, side by side, nowhere near to the other pair of small circles placed. You have a miniature snowman ready! You could make little black dots to signify the buttons of his coat, stick a cone made of chart paper on the face for a pointed nose with two little eyes made with a black color marker.
Dip cotton in a red paint and let it dry. Envelope the intersection of the medium-sized and the big thermocol circle to signify a muffler on his neck! You may also cut out the shape of a thunderbolt striking and color it as your heart desires!

Paper Windmill

Make a paper windmill by taking a chart paper and splashing color over it. But before you splash or spray colors, cut out the craft paper in circles and spray the paints on the cut out sheet.
Fold the circle into a semi-circle and fold the semi-circle into a perfect half. You may open it up now and notice the pattern which is formed on the entire surface of the circle. Now make mini 1-cm folds in such a manner that the circle design resembles that of a china man's hand fan!
Stick the circle on a sturdy stick. You may also attach it in the middle of a one-sided pointed stick. You have a spinning top now! Spin the top to see a mirage of designs.
These were some of the most enterprising and exciting rainy day crafts that you may get your child engrossed in, and snatch a break, especially when the heavens have no intentions of taking a break! However, all good things come to an end, don't they?
A bristling rainy day, too, must come to a halt. Remember the poetry rhyme: "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. Little Johny wants to play!" Well, it is bound to bounce back, just to see you have a frolicking time!