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Really Cool Bottle Cap Craft Ideas

Buzzle Staff
Want to do your bit for the environment the creative way? You can make use of all those old beer bottle or plastic caps in different offbeat ways. Here are some cool bottle cap craft ideas.

Quick Tip!

Giving your artwork a coating of resin will not only make it last longer, but also give it a nice sheen.
If you want to recycle old bottle caps, we have some really cool ideas for you. Although plastic bottles are recycled, their caps are not. They are just thrown away in the garbage. So, why not reuse them in a very innovative way! Yes, all the creative brains out there, old bottle caps can be used to make many interesting things.
You can also make cool jewelry or art pieces from different bottle caps. Use those beer bottle caps to make a very chic coaster or beautiful earrings. You can also make friendship bands using them and stick pictures to personalize them. When it comes to art, there is no limit.
Here are some amazing DIY ideas to invigorate your mind. These items do not require any costly materials; in fact you can use all the old and useless stuff you have collected.
You can ask your friends to pitch in as well. Every time you have a party, collect all the beer caps or plastic bottle caps. After which, all you need is to use your imagination to make something creative!

Things You Will Need

  • Bottle Caps (lots and lots of caps)
  • Glue
  • Drill
  • Acrylic paint
  • Stickers
  • Old magazines
  • Magnets
  • Wax

Cool Bottle Cap Craft Ideas


Decorate your old, boring candles with some colorful bottle caps for a funky effect. If you have bigger bottle caps, melt some wax, pour it into the cap, and your cute little candles are ready!

Wind Chime

You can make a brand new wind chime using bottle caps of different sizes and colors, or simply give your old one a twist by decorating it with some bottle caps. Get creative; there are so many variations to try!

Decorative Mirror

Transform your plain mirror into a very cool and chic one. All you need is bottle caps and glue. Make patterns or stick randomly, and you are done!

Funky Refrigerator Magnets

They look so cute and adorable, don't they? Just make designs of your choice on bottle caps, put magnets inside, and you are done! The fun part is you can use them wherever you wish too!

Hand Bag

Even your bags can be given a glamorous twist using bottle caps. Make beautiful floral patterns, or borders using colorful bottle caps. This makes for an excellent gifting idea as well.

Creative Coasters

Decorate your coasters with bottle caps so that you will at least use them now! They look very funky and cool as well. Moreover, they are so easy to make!

Colorful Photo Frame

Make your memories more beautiful by decorating your photo frame with bottle caps! You can use metal as well as plastic caps as both look equally good.


Use bright-colored bottle caps to decorate your lanterns, as they will look amazing as light passes through them. Remember to use plastic caps, preferably thin ones; metals ones are a no-no, as they will obstruct the light.


A bottle cap clock would look cool, right? Totally innovative and stylish, this will get you so many compliments! A little complicated to make, but totally worth it.


Little bottle cap embellishments will instantly glam up your plain purse or clutch. It will look especially good if the purse is black or of any another dark color.

Cute Mug

Just stick two caps on a mug, and draw eyes on them. Experiment with different expressions. Wouldn't it look adorable?
All these ideas are very practical and doable. We hope you loved these crafts with bottle caps! Making them can be an excellent group activity, in which you will have lots of fun. If you have any other green ideas, do share them with us! Till then, go green with style!