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Refrigerator Magnets for Kids to Make

Divya Bichu
Want to keep your kids occupied with something constructive, yet creative? Well, engaging them in making refrigerator magnets is a fantastic idea.
It is summer time and your kids must be having a summer break. Oh! With kids around you all the time, you are not able to keep up with your daily chores. You can get them to watch their favorite cartoon or movie.
If you your kids them to learn a new art or want them to do something more creative and constructive, how about getting them to make refrigerator magnets, which you can display on your refrigerator. And if you are wondering how to go about all this, it is simple.

Refrigerator Magnets for Toddlers to Make

You will need...

  • Plasticine or modeling clay
  • Flexible magnet pieces or bars
  • Molds
  • Pencils or paint brushes
Now, this method and procedure is for toddlers (3 - 6 years old). These kids are not going to understand much of it, but they love to play with clay, and moreover, if you are going to display their artwork on your fridge, they are going to be very happy.
✤ Start by kneading the clay dough and give it to the kids to make their own pattern. Just guide them to make flowers, animals, alphabets and so on.

✤ A simple method of making a flower would be to roll a small piece of clay into a long string-like shape and press it alternately from both sides from the start of the string to its end, and then roll it back.
✤ You can also get them to make an ice cream cone and place a different colored lump over it, which would look like real ice cream.
✤ You can help them with a smiley face too. Just press a piece of clay flat, use the lead of the pencil or rear part of a paint brush for the eyes, nose and the smile. Molds can also be used for different shapes and patterns.
Once your kids are done, fix a small magnet behind the artwork and let it dry. The drying process will take around 2-3 days, after which you can affix it on your fridge and boast about your little ones artwork.

Refrigerator Magnets for Children to Make

You will need...

  • Craft foam of all different colors
  • Glue
  • 3D paints
  • Flexible magnets
  • Paint brushes

Animal Magnets

♦ Firstly, draw a picture of an animal you want to see on your fridge. You can either draw it, ask somebody to draw it for you, or simply get a picture out of some magazine or newspaper.
♦ Once you get the picture, place it on the craft foam sheet and cut it out. There is another way to do this. Let's say, your design is an elephant.

♦ You can cut out separate body parts (like trunk, tail, face) on the craft foam.
♦ Then, stick them together, this will give your art work a 3D effect.Then you can use the 3D paints to outline the animal.

♦ Lastly, stick a magnet on the rear of this animal pattern, and let it dry. Your animal magnet is ready.

Alphabet Magnets

This one is simple, but one can get a lot more creative with this art-form. You can use this to express your gratitude to your mom by having a quote like "I love you mom" or a fun quote.
➺ All you have to do is cut out the craft foam in the shape of the alphabet you want and paint it if you wish to.

➺ Since the craft foams are colorful and bright, they do not require extra coat of paint. Stick a magnet on the rear of the alphabet, let it dry, and then arrange the alphabets on the fridge, to make a nice quote or your name for that matter.

Recycled Magnets

This is a very impressive artwork and very simple too. Collect empty cheese boxes, chocolate boxes or packets, old key chains or other junk you like.
♦ Use glue to stick a magnet at the back of each of these boxes or packets, and put them on the refrigerator. It indeed is a crazy yet creative idea.
♦ You can also paint these boxes or outline the pictures on these boxes with 3D paint to make the art-form more attractive.
This information will help you make animals, alphabets and recycled refrigerator magnets. But you can always brush up your creativity and come up with something more interesting and fun!