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Steps to Make an Ornamental Seashell Mirror

Mrunal Belvalkar
Even with the best of furniture, a room can sometimes look rather simple, plain and boring. How about transforming the look of your room with a seashell mirror? Find out here how to build a seashell mirror, on your own.
Of the many different things that people use to decorate their homes, mirrors are probably the most interesting ones. Mirrors come in a lot of sizes, shapes and materials. They can be used to create beautiful patterns on a wall.
Instead of having a collage of paintings or photo frames, a collage of mirrors can be used to decorate a prominent wall in the house. Mirrors have become less of a necessity and more of an ornament, with architects and interior designers using them to actually create a mood or on environment in the house.
Large wall mirrors are fast becoming popular among home decorators, and there are various options to choose from, for those who have a strong aesthetic sense.
A mirror is something that everyone likes to spend quite some time in front of, whether to dress up or as a narcissistic indulgence! A seashell mirror is just the kind of mirror that will make you feel good about yourself, because the mirror in itself is so pretty!
However, if you plan to buy a seashell mirror, a good one can cost you a fortune. So why not make your own seashell mirror at home? It is quite easy. Read on...

Requirements for Creating a Seashell Mirror.

The kind of seashell mirror design is like a framed picture or a painting - the mirror would be mounted on a wooden frame, such that it has a broad border around it. You can then make a seashell pattern on the border.
To make a seashell mirror from scratch, you would need the following things.
  1. A mirror
  2. A wooden board
  3. Paint and polishing varnish
  4. Cyanoacrylate based glue
  5. Carpentry tools: saws, hammers, nails, drawing pencils, measuring tape, etc.
  6. Shells: lots of shells, all assorted colors, sizes and shapes.
A seashell mirror could be the perfect way to decorate a mantel, or enhance the look of your bathroom with a bathroom vanity mirror. Here is an easy to follow 7 step guide to making your own unique personalized seashell mantel. Ready? Here we go!

Measure Dimensions of the Mirror

Depending on whether you have picked a square or rectangular mirror, or if you have picked an oval or a circular mirror, measure the dimensions of the mirror. Measure the length and breadth for a rectangular mirror, or measure the vertical and horizontal diameter of an oval shaped mirror.

Cut Out a Frame

Use the wooden board to cut out a frame for the mirror. Use drawing pencils to draw an outline on the board first. Then use appropriate tools to cut out a frame. Make sure the frame is smoothly cut so that the mirror fits in snugly.
If the frame is even slightly bigger, the mirror may fall out. If even after so much care you do end up cutting out a bigger frame, use some packing material to fill up the extra space.

Paint the Frame

You are going to stick shells on the frame, yes. But still the main frame may be visible through nooks and crannies in the shell pattern - it will take away from the finesse of the mirror. So paint the frame with a suitable color.
Usually, white, pearl white, pearl yellow, or cream colors work well. Apply an even coat. Let it dry properly. Then apply a coat of polishing varnish.

Paste the Mirror in the Frame

Use Super Glue - or any other Cyanoacrylate-based glue - to paste the mirror inside the wooden frame. Make sure you do not get any glue on your fingers - it is a real pain to take it off. Use a piece of wood or a plastic chip to apply the glue. Hold the mirror in place after pasting it for the glue and mirror to set.

Secure the Back of the Mirror

Do not use the mirror as it is after this step! Make sure you secure the rear side of the mirror so that it doesn't fall out. Cute out a piece of wooden board equal in size to the frame of the mirror. Paste it on the rear side of the frame. The basic skeleton of the mirror is now ready.

Embellish with Shells

Use the collection of assorted shells to make a beautiful mosaic on the frame. You can either use the shells as they are, or you can paint them with poster colors. You can even crush the shells into smaller pieces to create a granular background; that way you wouldn't have to paste the shell pattern directly onto the wooden frame. It looks a lot prettier.

Support for the Mirror

Depending on whether you intend to make a table mirror or a hanging mirror, attach a stand or a hook at the back of the mirror. A seashell wall mirror looks beautiful if hung in the living room. It could make a good place to click a family picture. Alternatively, a seashell mirror on the study table or in the bathroom would add to the aesthetics of the room.
A few final tips that can be given here are - spray water on the mirror to clean it. Do not scrub the mirror or else the shells may come off or lose their luster. Also be careful with the mirror while building the perfect seashell mirror - they say a broken mirror can bring seven years of bad luck! So,. have fun making your own personal seashell mirror!