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Creative Stuff to Make from Beer Bottles

Divya Bichu
Do you have a pile of beer bottles left over from a party? Are you planning to dispose of it all? Did you know there are ways you can reuse them. These bottles can be recycled too, you have to send it to the recycling vat in that case. However, there are artistic and creative ways to reuse the beer bottles.

A really Green Christmas Tree

Have a look at the Christmas Tree made from 1000 beer bottles in Shanghai, China, in 2009. The designers used green-colored beer bottles to build this statue. This was done with the intention to encourage people to adopt eco-friendly ways. The green-colored bottles provided a fantastic green hue, which made the tree look all the more beautiful.

Candle Holder

Cut off the top half of the beer bottle, you will have something like a conical shape with a wider and a narrower opening at the two ends. Do not dispose of the remaining part of the bottles. That too can be used in some way.
Now you will need sandpaper to polish the sharp edges of the cut bottle. Place a candle in the mouth of the bottle (narrower end) and put it wherever you like. Your candle stand is ready!

Beer Bottle Tumblers

Cut off the top half of the beer bottle, just where the neck begins. The bottom half makes a perfect tumbler. These beer bottle tumblers look classy and elegant.
In fact there are websites selling these kinds of tumblers and they cost bomb. But it is simple to make them at home. Polish the sharp edges of the remaining part of the bottle and your beer glasses are ready. You can also have these tumblers etched with some funny quotes or labels.

Beer Bottle Lamps

Just use a clear beer bottle and stuff it with small light bulbs or a string of lights that blink on and off and place it by your side table in the bedroom or in the foyer. You can also use colored bottles and complement them with appropriate lights.

Beer Bottle Wind Chimes

To make beer bottle chimes, you will need a steel ball or a small ball of any material that will produce sound when it hits the beer bottle (glass). You will have to cut off the neck of the beer bottle, so you have a wider opening.
Now, you will need a sturdy string. Attach one end of the string to the ball and the other end to the inner base of the beer bottle. Make sure the string is small enough, so that the small steel ball hits the glass, when held upside down. Hang it upside down.

Beer Bottle Vase

Cut the mouth of the beer bottle. Here, it is not necessary that you cut it neatly, you have to just cut it in a slanting manner, to give the vase a raw look.
Just make sure you polish the edges of the bottles, so that the sharp edges do not hurt. You can place your favorite flowers in here!

Beer Bottle Jars

Use the beer bottles just as they are. All you have to do is clean the bottle properly, so that it does not smell of beer and you're free to store small grains like rice or legumes. Cover the bottle with a cork, which will make it airtight.
You can also store oil or liquid in the bottle. Drill a hole in the cork and fix it in the mouth of the bottle, it facilitates the easy flow of the liquid.

Home Brewing

You can reuse the beer bottles for home brewing. It not only saves money but also helps you go green. To reuse the beer bottles, soak the bottles in warm water for a few hours. This allows you to peel the labels of the bottle easily.
Once you remove the labels, sterilize the bottles thoroughly and let them dry completely. Now, the bottles are safe to store your home beer. Simply repeat the process and continue using the old beer bottles!
This is not all, there are many more creative ways to use beer bottles. You can make a beer bottle chandelier, use them in your garden walls or just bury them half way in a sand pit in your garden, it looks unique. So you see, beer bottles are more useful than just satiating your thirst for a chilled beer! Cheers!