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11 Tips for Selling Crafts Online

Madhushree Kelkar
Knowing how to sell homemade crafts online can help you in making a good profit. However, you must be ready to implement innovative strategies for the same. Here are a few useful tips in this regard.

Tip 101

Download a free copy of Etsy Sellers Handbook from the Internet to gain a better insight into selling homemade crafts online.
There are many types of crafts that people sell online like jewelry, pottery, crochet pieces, batik cloth and accessories, glassware, ceramic items, wooden pieces, paper art, etc.
In fact, they end up catering to a large number of customers which is far more than what they could have managed if they had an actual store. All this is possible due to product innovation, quality, and smart marketing strategies.
People are always attracted to a new thing in the market, so if you have an artistic vision, you can come up with some exclusive signature pieces which will surely sell fast on the Internet.
Always remember to maintain the quality of your goods and incorporate the latest advertising and marketing trends to survive the competition. Try to optimize the look of your products in the photos. Here are a few more valuable tips to sell crafts online successfully.

Include Instructions

You must include instructions with your handicrafts. For example, if you're selling tie and dye clothing, you would like to give specific information about washing the clothes or if it is an articraft, you would like to tell the customer about its storage.
Such kind of instructions help connect with your customers and create a bond that lasts for many years.

Have Your Own Website

You have many options when it comes to creating an online profile. You can have a search engine optimized website which you can use to conduct your retail business. You can have a gallery of crafts and custom make them for your customers strictly on an order basis.
You may also offer a product showcase with a proper order cart and an online payment system in place. You should also create a seller account on online craft selling stores like Etsy.
You must update your profile so that the reader can trust you with his money. Also, have a craft blog in place so that you can connect all your accounts and get maximum exposure.

Keep Updating Your List

If you are a part of a shop like Etsy, it is important that you keep updating your lists regularly to get featured on their lists. As many craft websites put the latest uploaded items first, you will need to plan your crafts in such a way that you keep introducing a new one, every few days.
Also, it is not advisable to post all the new ones together as it will only help you gain exposure for a while. You must have unique and instantly appealing crafts in order to stand out among competition.

Include Surprise Gifts

You will be among thousands of other sellers on the Internet. Hence, to get a loyal customer base, you must give them an incentive for buying your products.
Sending them a free gift bag or a sample of your bead earrings with their order will make them appreciate your efforts and remember your shop every time they look at the gift.

Post High-quality Photos

High resolution and quality photos are important for selling your crafts. They must be clean and neat.
The last thing you would like to do is allow your product to get lost in a pile of other things. Post at least four different photos of the craft. Also, they must be aesthetically taken or stylized tastefully. Try to keep a single product in a frame, unless you are putting it against the scale to understand the size.
Place your products against a white background to offer clarity. If you can hire a professional photographer, you will get excellent photos. Know that many craft websites have their own norms regarding photos, so you will have to adhere to them. You can also use a model to promote jewelry or clothing to give a better idea to customers.

Tag Your Products

Whenever you are tagging your products, ensure that it is done in such a way that it will be very easy for the customer to find the product he is looking for. You must include as many details as you can in the tag.
This may include materials, size, color, weight, etc. For example, if a customer is looking for handmade ceramic vases with Egyptian designs, he will be easily able to find your product which is tagged: "Blue ceramic vase with Egyptian motif." Your tag is important as it will direct your customer to your product; hence, word it correctly.


You must take special care of packaging especially when you are shipping it to long distances.
If you are selling something fragile like stained glass goods or ceramics, you will have to ensure that it is wrapped in special packaging and shipped to the customer with a 'fragile' tag.
Also, you need to focus on having your business branding on the packaging. You can even have some eco-friendly and cost-effective ideas. Jute and little cloth bags are any day a better alternative to paper or plastic ones. It should be attractive, useful, and trigger a brand recall.

Personalize Your Items

One of the biggest mistakes that online handmade craft sellers commit is not customizing their products. If someone wants to order special glassware with a wedding date and names etched on it, you must be able to provide it.
Today, many people believe in giving authentic customized gifts; hence, if you do not offer the service, they will promptly move over to your competitor. Many individuals or companies like to order in bulk for customized goods.
Hence, you can earn a good profit by catering to this requirement. Today, personalized goods have a vast market, and you must incorporate this practice in your business for survival.

Keep Customers Updated

You must inform your customers from time to time. If you are on a holiday break, you must update it on your profile. Also, if a product is out of stock or is going to be reintroduced shortly, you must update the information alongside its profile.
Ideally, you must have precisely written shipping, postage, and return policies so that the customer will know about them and there will be no miscommunication. If possible, try to have a FAQ sheet in place to cater to the queries of the customers. This will be greatly appreciated.

Promote Your Business

Ensure that you do not leave any leaf unturned when it comes to promoting your business. Utilize social media websites to connect with your target audience. Keep offering additional information and photos of your products.
Pay for online banners and Facebook ads so that you can directly reach out to people who are searching for online crafts. You may also have a stall at a craft fair and distribute your business cards with your online store URL.
Send them online invoices instead of paper ones. You have a dual benefit of doing this. You can send a new product notification to all your customers. Not only will you save on the cost of paper, but you can also send the information and images of your new products to your customer.


Many craftsmen from online stores come together once a year to arrange an actual craft fair or sale. Here you can network with other people, share ideas, and even sell your products. This is a good opportunity to check out the latest trends in crafts that sell like hot cakes. You can then incorporate the same in your products and sell them as well.
Few of the mistakes to avoid while selling crafts online are not researching the target audience and their preferences, subscribing to many online craft selling websites, and not maintaining the quality or offering a warranty.
You must refrain from committing these grave gaffes at all costs. Now that you know how to sell homemade crafts online, ensure that you make the most of this opportunity.