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Easy Ways to Arrange Flower Baskets

Mrunal Belvalkar
Thinking of gifting your girlfriend a flower basket? Have you considered making one on your own? It is not so difficult. Let's learn about the different ways to arrange a flower basket.
Ah! Such a lovely thought, isn't it? A soul blossoming out of nature. Flowers do seem to be a glimpse into the soul of nature. A garden in full bloom is such a beautiful sight! No one would ever leave it, not for one moment. Since times immemorial flowers have held our admiration.

Flowers That Inspire You

There are very few who don't feel happy looking at fresh flowers! Colors, fragrances, delicateness of flowers have inspired authors and poets. Remember William Wordsworth's Daffodils? "A poet could not but be gay, in such a jocund company"... how true!

Basket of Colorful Flowers

Happiness, love, wealth, beauty, prosperity have all been related with flowers, and what could be a better gift for a nature lover than a basket of colorful flowers?

Making an Attractive Flower Basket

Flower baskets can be dubbed as basket bouquets. The same guidelines apply to making an attractive flower basket as do to making a beautiful flower bouquet.
Flower baskets however, give the opportunity to play around a lot more with the dynamics of flower arrangement than bouquets give.

Arranging a Flower Basket

However, many people are still daunted by the task of arranging a flower basket! As Alan Bennett very rightly said, If you think squash is a competitive activity, try flower arranging.

Ikebana Flower Arrangement

If you are new to making flower baskets, you will think that a flower basket should contain only and only flowers. This is not true! A lot of things like twigs, branches, leaves, grasses, ferns etc., can go into making a flower basket.
Dried flowers, if chosen wisely, can also look nice in a fresh flower basket. One of the best examples of a flower arrangement style that makes use of all these plant parts is the Japanese flower arrangement style called 'Ikebana'.
If you haven't seen an Ikebana flower arrangement before, Google pronto! If you have, have you noticed how the Japanese have found a way to use all the elements and make a beautiful arrangement? You can take inspiration from Ikebana and work on your flower basket with different elements.

Hanging Flower Basket

For a hanging flower basket arrangement, you can use vines and creepers. They can be arranged in such a way that they 'fall down' from the edges of the basket. Looks really pretty!

Color Scheme

Yes it is a flower basket; and a basket means lots of flowers. But that does not mean you simply dump all the flowers you can lay your hands on! While selecting flowers for your flower basket, try to work up a color scheme and then proceed to design your flower basket. There are many different color schemes you can work up for a flower basket.

Red Flowers Basket

Orange Flowers Basket

Pink Flowers Basket

Yellow Flowers Basket

Design a flower basket with all pale-colored flowers. You may even make a flower basket using all warm-colored flowers (i.e. red, orange, yellow, etc.). Another idea could be to pick flowers that are of the same color or in lighter and darker shades of that color. Finally, color pairs like red and orange, or pink and pale yellow, etc. look really pretty too!

Flowers of Small and Big Sizes

There can be several considerations to bear in mind while making your choice. If the flowers going into a flower basket are all big, the basket is going to look clumsy.
If all the flowers are small, the basket is going to look cluttered. Maintain a balance between the big and small flowers.
At the same time, if you are going to include an inflorescence in the basket as well, then do not include too many of them. A single inflorescence is enough; at the most use two - too many of them will make the basket look crowded. Also go for an inflorescence of small flowers. It adds to the 'delicate and dainty' element of the basket.

Flower Baskets of Varied Goemetrical Shapes

If you can incorporate a pattern or a fixed geometry in your flower basket, it will definitely add to the visual appeal. Agreed, that sometimes freestyle looks the best.
But even in a flower basket arranged without a set pattern, a ring of small flowers lining the basket, or a big dahlia or gerbera flower in the center of the arrangement add the necessary uniformity to a basket and makes it look pretty.
Here are some pattern ideas you can explore: if you are using all flowers of a single color or light and dark shades of the color, arrange them such that there is a graded appearance to the basket. If you plan on using flowers of two colors, try to alternate them.
You can even pick certain flowers in a uniform arrangement to be of a single color such that they highlight a letter, or a shape. For example, a heart of red roses amidst a bunch of white-colored roses can be a pretty sight!
All flowers do not have a very nice fragrance. Some have too strong a fragrance for it to be pleasant. Some totally lack fragrance. What to do? Choose flowers that smell good together when put into a single basket.
If there is a particular flower you plan to use that has an exceptionally good and strong smell, the rest of the flowers you select need not necessarily have a good fragrance.
Research on different indoor flowers that smell good and see if you can include them in your flower basket. Also if you plan to gift the flower basket, find out if your friend is allergic to any flowers.
You don't want your friend sneezing every five minutes on receiving the basket! Also if all the flowers in your basket have a strong fragrance, they will give everyone in the room a headache! Choose with care.
There are many ways to arrange a flower basket, and many things you need to consider when you do. But remember one important thing - it is an art, and not a science. There is no one 'correct' way to arrange a flower basket. Go by the look and feel of it, and don't shy away from experimenting!